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Feedback from February 23 and Beyond 

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Woke and Proud
When women are free from institutionalized and societal sexism, women perform as good as—or even better than—the other sex.

Women are graduating from college at rates much higher than men. And despite the continued wage gap, single women are buying more homes than their male counterparts.

Women give more to charities. Women commit less crime, and much less violent crime. The list goes on and on.

Female independence—let alone female success—is terrifying for the historical status quo in Utah, and in America. Everything masculinity has been based on is subject to becoming "feminized."

This means that a once completely dominant group within society will have to change, or (as we see currently in conservative states) try to enforce their dominance, yet again, through policies and laws like "anti-woke" bills, forced pregnancy laws, book banning and traditional gender role enforcement through anti-trans laws. In short—a throwback to the good old days of their forefathers when inequality was literally the law of the land.

Power structures in Utah, and in America, are based on anti-wokeness. Being "woke," which really means being open to others (i.e., including non-white people, women and/or non-straight people) thriving in society, is a wonderful thing. I embrace my wokeness wholeheartedly.

Appalled but Unsurprised
Well, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was found to be hiding $32 billion. I feel like I should be surprised, but I'm really not.

"The Church" in Utah has been doing this since 1997 and used a bunch of different shell companies to try and hide the billions that could and should have been used for so many different things in the state.

Perhaps instead of having hundreds—if not thousands—of people sleeping in tents on the streets and in parks in the state, "The Church" could use some of those funds to create housing? Or even better, let them just sleep in the hundreds of churches you can find on any neighborhood corner that provide heating and shelter.

And call me crazy, but maybe they could use those funds to feed some of these individuals, so that they can be nourished and strengthened (I think that's how it goes) as well? If this type of activity is upsetting to you and you are a member of "The Church," I encourage you to speak with your leaders and let them know it is not okay and that you would like to see justice and accountability taken.

These funds are tithing and represent the generosity of the faith's members. To have it taken and hidden away should have consequences.

Hiding funds that are obviously so needed in so many ways—not just here in Utah, but globally—and then hiding behind the façade of love and caring for others as Christians is beyond ironic and hypocritical.

It's damned near evil, I'd say.

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