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Feedback from February 18 and Beyond 

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"Embedded Within a Mass Delusion," Feb. 18 cover story
QAnon is a non-player in any sort of reality.
CJ Southworth
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Lots of [QAnon] crazy was right here in Utah. Very sad.
Deanna Bishop Garcia
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Do you ever plan on acknowledging Trump voters as actual people who might even have valid opinions and sound principles? Or just keep pounding that drum that they are fringe lunatics?
Justin Whitney
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"Excuses for the Acquittal" Feb. 18 This Modern World comic strip by Tom Tomorrow
Such a spineless group of people.
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"Humans vs. Lee" Feb. 18 Private Eye column
Very sad but true.
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Sign me up!
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Following the group now!
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All in.
Carrie Ann @slskigirl
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When he first ran and said he wanted to start up nuclear testing, I was convinced he was a dangerous man.

Why would women vote for this sweaty guy who thinks they should breed instead of worry about climate change (that will harm their babies)?
Lee should just resign.
Steven Jarvis
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Never on Sunday

At Trump's second impeachment trial, Sen. McConnell said Article II, Section IV of the Constitution enumerated the only time and place Trump could be impeached and convicted—while he was sitting in the Oval Office.

The language there "exhausted" the impeachment options of the Congress.

In advocating this theory, McConnell revealed himself to be a partisan of the ancient Pharisees.

The carpenter from Nazareth said Pharisees of this day argued minute legal points, while letting slip major mandates of the foundational law.

McConnell seems to be fine with Trump usurping the law-making, appropriations and elections powers of Congress, as long as the former president is not impeached on the Sabbath.
Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross

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