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Feedback from February 11 and Beyond 

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The Scoundrel's Last Refuge
Read Katharine Biele's Jan. 21 "Women's Choice Under Siege" opinion column. She's right on.

It's amazing to me how our Republican friends have no problem or trouble in trying to restrict women's constitutional rights granted by Roe v Wade but raise holy hell and the patriotic last refuge when anyone talks about gun restrictions, limiting money as free speech in campaign contributions, or being asked to wear a mask for health reasons among other issues.

Scoundrels they are.
JH Thompson

"Thai Rollers," Alex Springer's Feb. 4 dining review
The best part about ChaiYo Thai Togo is how good they are at to-go orders! Packaged to perfection every time. The food is yummy, too.
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Oh, baby! I will go next week. Thanks for letting me know about this place.
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"Mulligan Mike," John Saltas' Feb. 11 Private Eye column
[Senator Mike] Lee is an embarrassment. What's even more embarrassing is that he keeps winning reelection.
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He must be looking down at his CTR ring and taking it far too literally.
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Love the Princess Bride reference! Mike Lee ... not so much.
Alicia Geesman-Pritchard
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Mike Lee is a strict constitutionalist, just like Christians are strict interpreters of the Bible ... until they are confronted with parts they don't like.
Charles Palmer
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We are talking about the man who ran on a platform on "fiscal responsibility," but his campaign slogan was "I'm opposed to paying back the debt we owe!"
Felipe Navarro
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The people of Utah consistently pick their own worst embarrassment. Then they vote him into office, so he can embarrass them before the entire world.
Mike Schmauch
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"Let's Play" Christopher Smart's Feb. 11 Smart Bomb column
This is a rollicking read!
Cathy McKitrick @catmck
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