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Feedback from Feb.22 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on buffets, Swallow and that pesky global warming issue.

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Cover story, Feb. 22, "Feed Frenzy"
It's been a mystery to me why several months back I started reading opinions and articles in City Weekly and found them so damned interesting and well-written. That is, until I read this. Thank you. Now I know.
Al Winkelman
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So, did Obama and Merkel consult on controlling Facebook or is that more #fakenews?
A.G. Foster

News, Feb. 22, "Shot Down"
Perfect article.
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City Weekly telling it like it is.
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News, Feb. 22, "Fired Up!"
Ray Ward is my representative in the UT legislator. His courage and dedication to giving voice to issues of tremendous importance like global warming's effect on climate change and legalization of medical marijuana are unique among his Republican colleagues. As an MD, he appreciates the rigors of the scientific method in bringing fact-based, peer-reviewed discoveries to the attention of the public. Thanks for your timely coverage of this development on the Hill.
Jim Wightman

The jury is still out on this one. I don't think anyone argues that the planet is not warming. The argument is how much humans are involved in the change. I used to believe that humans were the cause of climate change and then I opened my mind. In the past, the climate has changed way more dramatically from warm to cold and back with nothing at all to do with humans. What we are experiencing might be totally natural or just a tiny fraction off natural. I almost said "normal" but stopped because that might not exist.
Dave Caldwell
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Global warming is a thing; we have been warming since the last Ice Age. Let's look at 1 million years as opposed to only 200.
Michael Gattenby
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They don't admit it doesn't exist. They just have the real science that proves the carbon tax fraud that leftists don't want to hear.
Robert James Dobrovnik
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As for me, I like the warming.
Michael Farrell
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Opinion, Feb. 22, "Dear Orrin"
You're way too polite.
Janet Vigil
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Written from the point of view of a carpetbagging old Senator.
Mike Schmauch
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A&E, Feb. 22, "Pictures Perfect"
Illustrates that 99 percent of photographers who do it for money—I hesitate to call many of them professionals—are rubbish at what they do. Utah is worse than most areas with the wedding scene the way it is.
Chris Keth
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Dine, Feb. 22, Chuck-A-Rama
Jennifer Guest Billingsley
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How lazy is it to give a review of Chuck-A-Rama? People know what they're getting when they go to Chuck-A-Rama and 30-year-old Greek diners—all the highs and lows and expected redundancies. Only a hipster like this guy would feel the need to write some "surprising" article about it.
Matt Morris
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I have a distinct recollection of [critic Alex Springer] at about 8 years old sitting down with a plate of about a dozen of those scones, popping them open, filling them with honey and polishing them all off even before Round 2.
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The author responds: I tried that again as a 35-year-old. Just not the same, man.

Blog post, Feb. 24, "2018 Legislative Session: Finally, the Utahraptor gets the respect it deserves"
GOP lawmakers only make laws for corporate profit and rich people.
Jason Oliver
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Breaking news, Feb. 27, "Swallow's Day in Court, Redux"
When citizens are accused they have to pay out of pocket for defense and if they can't they end up in a cage. Why in the fuck should anyone pay [Swallow's] legal fees?
Colby Man
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He should just be grateful that a jury set him free.
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Pay up, Utah. Way to go, prosecutors! I think they went to the Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden School for Prosecutors. Swallow and Shurtleff should be in jail.
Jerrald Conder
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Dave Kingery
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An Open Letter to Orrin Hatch
Recently, Donald Trump said you called him "the greatest presidents in the history of our country." You also told those gathered at the American Enterprise Institute that people who support the Affordable Care Act are "the stupidest, dumbass people I've ever met."

Such pronouncements lead me to question your language, your judgment—and your circle of acquaintances. Those include, from photographic evidence, former and present senators Jim DeMint, John Ensign, Lauch Faircloth, Jesse Helms, James Inhofe, Ron Johnson, Rick Santorum and John Thune. The cumulative IQs of these eight scintillating intellects might, with a stretch, approach 750.

Yet you call me a "dumbass" for supporting Obamacare.

Conversely, you admire Mr. Trump despite his utter lack of knowledge—essential to any educated adult—of how our government works; despite his overt racism, his corrupt, self-dealing nepotism, his blatant lying; despite 40 years of stiffing suppliers, 30 years of admitted tax-cheating, 20 years of lady-parts grabbing, three wives, two divorces, trysts with porn stars; despite bragging that he'd like to date his own daughter because of the size of her "rack."

This is among America's greatest presidents? He's the role model you hold up for your grandchildren? What planet are you living on?

A.D. Reed
Asheville, N.C.

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