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Feedback From Feb.1 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on climate change, LDS Trump support and super-nice white guys.

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Cover story, Feb. 1, "What Global Warming?"
Thank you for the excellent article, Paul Rosenberg. It's great to see a detailed exposé of denialist tactics against science. I learned more about polar bears and science denial today. Keep up the good work. And thanks also to the scientists who discredit the denial.

It's peripheral to the polar bear arguments, but you mentioned here the attacks against Michael Mann, a preeminent climate scientist, after his publishing his first "hockey stick" graph in 1999. The hockey stick has been replicated dozens of times and confirmed. Yet, those vicious attacks are still going on today, 19 years later. For readers not familiar with that subject, Mann's book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars is very good read, with hundreds of references to independent sources. The denier attack dogs never give up on a juicy bit of defamation. It is all they have, since they have no valid scientific arguments.
Peter Smith

Love this.
Anthony Pacheco
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Private Eye, Feb. 1, "Body Slams"
John, I always enjoy your writing, but last week's editorial was exceptional. One of the things I really like about you is your ready knowledge of parts of Utah history for which I have a huge blind spot.

I am mystified by the LDS support for Trump, and you nailed the Mormon quandary.
David Irvine,

Urban Living, Feb. 1, "Our Holladay"
Holladay has epically douchey ever since they joined forces with Cottonwood to make it a city. Cottonwood ruined Holladay.
J.G. Billingsley
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Blog post, Feb. 1, "Clean Air Now, Ask Them How"
Thanks for the great coverage of this project and all the clean air goings on at the Legislature!
Kirsten Allen

Blog post, Feb. 9, Zinke visit protest
Our state has been so mismanaged we now need to sell off parts of it to keep the politicians solvent.
Mike Schmauch
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Still government owned. Kind of wish it actually could get sold off, but it's one agency or another. Maybe some of these people could actually go visit these areas instead of Vegas or Disneyland. If they spent as much money in Utah as they did outside the state for vacations, it might make a world of difference to those struggling communities.
Marianne Escobedo
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Matt Handy
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No shrinky Zinke!
Mike Kolan
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Blog post, Feb. 9, "Zinke's Mule Deer Announcement Gets Political"
"Protection" defined loosely.
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Zinke is a phony and an enemy to hunters and other public land users.
Glenn Sherrill
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Quit selling our public land for your gas- and mineral-drilling cronies!
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We are against the feds messing with our lands until we are for the Feds messing with our lands, I guess.
Brandon Mikkelsen
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The feds will protect the uranium mines, don't you worry.
Matt Morris
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We should totes trust this asshole. I mean, super-nice, honest white guy.
Frederick Thorne
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