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Feedback from Feb. 13 and Beyond 

Opinionated readers sound off on mixed-orientation marriages and Pete Buttigieg's visit.

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Cover story, Feb. 13, "Happily Ever Never"
My previous marriage was mixed orientation. Because of Mormon conversion therapy, my husband believed that as long as he didn't act on his sexual desire he was not gay. Almost ruined my life. If you like depression, ruined self-esteem, lying to yourself and others, go the Mormon route and continue to live a big, fat lie.
Katherine Dawnae Nicholson

Really? You're asking why?
Jared Eborn
Via Twitter

My first impression: The title and tagline question do not really represent the article. It serves more as an attractive way to catch potential readers. In that way, I guess it somehow works, but I feel like you have misrepresented that which has been shared. The article doesn't seem to really represent unhappy couples who are in mixed orientation marriages. I wish that you would have actually talked about the particular situations and choices that bring people to stay in their marriage. I know people who stay because they are the medical provider for their spouse who have suffered ill health; I know others that it is a matter of finance; some choose to stay because of the children; many stay to provide for the spouse who has no other means to provide for themselves; some are committed to the eternal promises; others are unable to leave out of fear; there are those who still can not come out of the closet; maybe there is a pattern of co-dependence, or maybe there is nothing negative and there is love between these two people and they mutually stay together because it brings them happiness. I really don't see any actual reasons reviewed by the author as to why a person would stay in an "unhappy marriage" of opposite sexuality. The stories shared are helpful to support people in various stages of their relationships and I honor those who shared with you their personal experiences. I just think that such an article should have really gone through a greater review and search to represent at least the actual topic the title and tagline represent.
Troy Hubbell

Thanks, Carolyn. You definitely report accurately. As the straight spouse unknowingly in a mixed orientation marriage for five years, I know that neither of us were happy at all. Our daughter was 4 when we split up; I realized that I didn't want her to learn that this was how a marriage was supposed to work. Twenty years after our divorce, I found out he (ironically also named Bryan, same as in the story) was gay. I was like, "Duh! How did I not realize that!"

However, this experience gave me some insight into the fact that this is not chosen, which greatly influenced my reactions when two of my three daughters came out. Ironically, these two daughters were born to my second husband and I, so my gay husband gave me my straight daughter and my straight husband gave me my queer daughters. And I love them all.

Online news post, Feb. 18, "Mayor Pete Mania"
We love Pete! Just listen to him. He is highly intelligent, compassionate, passionate and knowledgeable. His experience is what closed the deal, both as a mayor of a city like most cities of America, and as an intelligence officer in the military. He knows real America. He has lived its very hard problems and led people to solve them. Major progress took place. He has formed coalitions and worked with all people. He is a wise leader and will offer the American people the best of his years.
Fiorella Gallia
Via Facebook

Pete is the leader we need right now.
Noam Stern
Via Facebook

Corey Carlos
Via Facebook

Pete "All Lives Matter" Buttigieg. No thanks.
James Rohling
Via Facebook

Hahaha. Pete doesn't have a chance of being the nominee. Little Mike is buying that.
Paul Hemingway
Via Twitter

I have never been political. I have never taken an interest in voting. But I will vote 2020 Trump purely because I don't like people like you and the nonsense you espouse daily. You are the reason he was elected, and you will be the reason for his reelection.
Niel Tjay
Via Facebook

"I'm not political, so I'll vote against my own interests to make liberals angry." Good luck with that, dude.
Bryce Anderson
Via Facebook

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