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Feedback from December 3 and Beyond 

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"Exiting Print" Dec. 3 Cover Story by Katharine Biele
The story leaves the impression that all of The Salt Lake Tribune journalists who contributed to the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting have left the Tribune. Not true.

Reporter Erin Alberty, who broke the story about Brigham Young University's re-victimization of its students who had been sexually assaulted, is still there, as is Jessica Miller, who added essential and deep reporting from law enforcement and prosecutors. Managing editor Sheila McCann, the true shepherd who directed and shaped the reporting, continues to bring her immense talents to the Tribune, as does photographer Leah Hogsten, who made evocative images of the brave women who were treated with inhumane indifference by Utah's institutions of higher learning.

True, two outstanding journalists who made invaluable contributions—Rachel Piper and Alex Stuckey—have moved on to larger newsrooms and opportunities elsewhere. That's the itinerant nature of being a journalist.
Terry Orme
Former editor and publisher

Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee and the Sunday paper in your hands. The digital thing just isn't the same!
Brian Small
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Sad. I love my printed newspaper.
Maria Papadakis
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Very sad. Our family loves reading printed newspapers. The experience and perspective are infinitely more rewarding than reading online.
Georgia Athas Katsohirakis
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I love the newspaper—no digital in the morning.
Kathryn Leppert
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I cannot even believe that this is happening. Just terrible news for SLC.
Christine Mannos
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We've donated and hope others will.
Mary Caputo
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No Wall Street Journal home delivery any longer, either.
Irene Petrogeorge
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When any of these monopolies start reporting real news again, maybe they can go back to daily print. But who cares? I haven't picked up a paper in 35 years. Good riddance, mainstream media!
David Mellen
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Good piece.
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Blame COVID! Love the City Weekly.
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End of an era.
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"Cotton Bottom Reopening," Dec. 3, The Backburner by Alex Springer
Hope the garlic oil infused grill plate is still there the next time I need a burger. That's the real value of the place.
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Maybe a couple of vegan options on this newly revamped menu?
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I hope they don't change the garlic burger recipe.
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