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Feedback from December 1 and Beyond 

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Side Effects
I'd love to see your newspaper offer some truth about the damage people have suffered as a result of the COVID vaccines. I'm one of the thousands who have experienced complications after receiving their shots.

For over a year, I've suffered from extreme nerve damage and inflammation, making it very difficult to walk and impossible to enjoy the physical activities I love, like hiking, biking and skiing. Every day, I suffer from burning pain, stabbing pain, shooting pain throughout my body and extreme inflammation in my knees.

And I'm not alone. The doctor I'm currently seeing has several patients who have experienced damage, and of course there's very little that can be done. I urge you to take the brave step in doing the research and reporting the truth about this topic.
Cottonwood Heights

Guns and Hate
In a song from the musical South Pacific, there are the lyrics that still ring true today: "By the time they're 6 or 8 we've taught them how to hate."

When the arrested and alleged murderer behind the recent attack at a nightclub in Colorado Springs was age 15, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints softened its cruel teachings about gay members. But for all of his earlier years as a Latter-day Saint church member, along with his mother, he likely had been taught that gays were to be condemned and forbidden from the faith's Celestrial heaven—especially if they physically expressed their love.

Now the church's public relations spokesman claims the alleged shooter hasn't been an "active" Latter-day Saint for some time. But he didn't need to be currently active—the damage had already been done.

Each year in Utah, on average, 400 people die and 195 are injured by guns. The state's rate of gun violence is estimated to cost Utah taxpayers roughly $6.5 billion each year, or $1,703 per person.

Congratulations to Oregon voters for passing meaningful gun control legislation. No lifesaving measures like this will ever become law in Utah as long as white, paranoid, Mormon men are the ruling elite. Too many heads of Utah households are so foolishly proud of the number of firearms in their collections.

Two McCarthys
We know of two McCarthys in our politic,
Both Republicans with similar rhetoric.
Of different eras but of the same ilk,
Power regardless of the truth, citizens to bilk.

Joseph McCarthy, censured Wisconsin Senator,
An arrogant jaundice nineteen-fifties predator.
Relentless false accusations of treason,
Targeting innocent citizens without reason.

Now we encounter House Representative Kevin,<
The California Leader with no scruples to win.
Pleading with our past president for protection,
Then forgiving him for our country's insurrection!

Have you no sense of decency, you two McCarthys?
Both breeders of undemocratic travesties.
Sparta, New Jersey

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