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Feedback From Dec. 28 and Beyond 

'That Says Something'

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Cover story, Dec. 28, "The Year in Photo Review"
Loved the photo highlights in this one.
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News, Dec. 28, "Free Friday Face-Off"
The only thing I pulled from that, is our mayor has never used his own cities public transport—and that says something.
Josh Garland
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Dining review, Dec. 28, Seasons Plant-Based Bistro
Love this place, amazing vegan food.
Jonny Vasic

Seasons is one of my favorite vegan spots in the Valley. Glad to see they are getting the positive attention that they have earned.
Jeremy Beckham

Vegan Italian and French cuisine? I need to try this.
Cameron Jorgensen

Cover story, Nov. 30, "The Rise and Rise of Cliven Bundy"
Mormon terrorism is now legal.
Lynn Baker
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If he ever steps foot in Oregon, they will shoot him.
Michael James Stone
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Blog post, Jan. 3, "Thanks for the Memories, Orrin!"
Hatch died decades ago. The GOP keeps him animated with eldritch rituals and the blood of virgins.
Pax Rasmussen
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Follow the money and you'll know where his true values reside. He's sold out every citizen of the state, as well as the nation. He is only interested in lining his own pockets. He will be remembered as one of the oiliest, greasiest, dirtiest, most duplicitous and least honest of all senators.
Dana Dahl
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Forty-plus years of stroking his ego. He's an embarrassment to Utah.
Nette Jensen
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He may have started out with good intentions, but once he got sucked into the Washington way, it became a money-grab. Fortunately for him, we still get to pay him (and his benefits) for the rest of his life, so the money train has no end in sight.
Mike Brown
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He did what all the rest of them do: absolutely nothing.
Karin Kugel
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Now, if we could just get Trump to retire.
Kim Krause
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Blog post, Jan. 3, "LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson Dead at 90"
I'm Bishop Kamara of the Crystal Palace Ward. On behalf of the Ward members, we are sending our condolences to the family and closest friends of our dear and beloved President Thomas Monson. May his soul rest in peace.

Bishop Munir Kamara
London, UK

Godspeed, Brother Monson.
Cobie Placencia
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My sympathy.
LeAna Copperfield
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While I am saddened for his family, his platform while leading the church directly led to so many troubles for the LGBTQAI+ community. I hope the leaders of the church will come to their senses with the next leader.
Rachel Gilchrist Heard
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He did good, but he also did ill. The later will be neglected to be talked about. I do feel that part and parcel of the issues, however, stem from him being ordained as a bishop at 22. Far too young to even know himself.
JG Billingsley
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Too bad we can't lower the flag for all the LGBT people who took their own lives because of this man and his followers.
Atherlee Ramirez
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Let the Hunger Games of the First Presidency commence!
Corban Anderson
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This fool was no prophet. You don't become one based off your donations or length of time in church.
Richard Humberg
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Listen friends, [I'm] not Mormon, but I know it's wrong to disrespect the dead, period. Behave. This is a man with a large family, and [who] has lead a successful life amongst his family. Your disrespect has zero effect on your cause. Evaluate your approach
Kelly Hatcher
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