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Feedback from Dec. 20 and Beyond 

Readers sound off on public lands, homelessness and burnt cereal.

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Cover story, Dec. 20, "Road to Ruin"
Until you've lived somewhere where your only hope for a job is three months working minimum wage for an ecotourism outfit based out of state, you really shouldn't have a say in how that area chooses to develop its resources. Seriously. What you are so glibly talking about is economic tyranny of areas that you don't live in. One might even call you a colonialist.

And, yeah, I'm from Alaska, America's frozen resource republic, where all our economic opportunities—if we're allowed them at all—have the profits shipped out of state while our children contemplate moving as well because the only economy we have is oil revenue filtered through state government. Meanwhile, we're surrounded by natural resources tyrants like you won't let us access.
Lela Markham

Wild lands? Gosh, Utah don't need no stinking wild lands. Jeepers, how will the gas, mining, and timber concerns turn a buck if'n Utah holds fast to wild lands? Gov. Gary knows full well where his bread gets its butter, and Gov. Gary is not about to spit in that churn.

Think about it, ski resorts need more and more forest to deforest for ski runs and keep the ski-breds happy. Drivers all up and down the overwhelmingly polluted Wasatch Front need wild Utah developed for oil. All hail ExxonMobil! There's copper to be had and silver to be had and gold, oh yes, that fabulously fabulous gold to be had, and Utah needs more tax dollars for its "rainy day fund."

There are palatial recreational homes to be built, so screw the national forests. Well, except when the damn forests burn and those palatial cabins get cremated.

Wild lands and Utah? Wild lands are a mere stumbling block on the still-to-be-built Utah road to a devastated future. Deforested and raped, and God bless Gov. Gary and Utah's head-in-the-sand Legislature for stealing the future of Utah's children and grandchildren.
"Donal the Apostate"

Baseless hyperbole.
Craig Schroerlucke
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News, Dec. 20, "Is SLC Ready for Mayor Dabakis?"
Gerda Orrock
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He's "self-employed," the guy has no job, nothing better for him to do.
Richard Humberg
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I'll vote for him. But for those who stabbed Utah voters in the back, #VoteThemOut.
Willard Debeest
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Online news post, Dec. 17, Superhero franchise Deadpool is making waves again for vexing LDS flock
Love it, b.
Jay Michael Gordon
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Revelation 1:7 "Behold, He cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see Him, and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. Even so, Amen." It's going to be a treat to watch the tares collected and burned in the furnace. I love the smell of burning Fruit Loops in the morning.
Leroy Mercer
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Online news post, Dec. 21, 121 homeless lives lost this year are remembered at Pioneer Park vigil
Give them a bus ticket to California.
Michael Farrell
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