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Feedback from Dec. 13 and Beyond 

Readers sound off on terrible Christmas movies and more medical cannabis news.

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Cover story, Dec. 13, "12 Days of Terrible Christmas Movies"
All Christmas movies are bad.
Michael Adams
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So busy this time of year. What a waste of time and precious print space to spend reading about terrible Christmas movies. It would really be more valuable to offer readers a list of the best Christmas movies to watch. Hopefully, you already have done this or will do this. My time is more precious than knowing what to avoid than what to actually do with my time.

My son LOVED Christmas Chronicles!!
Tracee Herbaugh
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News, Dec. 13, "The New Pioneers"
Oh good ole church implant Connor Boyack. "We don't think any of this is going to work." What a POS.
David Sutherland
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"Point OH-5," right around the corner. Ground control to major Tom!
Thane Heiser
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mEdIcAl CaNnAbIs In UtAh
Ricky Stoddard
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Yeah where can we buy some ... crickets.
Iris Nielsen
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Why are Utah solutions always so expensive? It would have been wise to copy the law of a state with a successful medical cannabis system if you must overturn the will of the people.
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News, Dec. 20, "Is SLC Ready for Mayor Dabakis?"
I think so.
Steven Ralph Jerman
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Ahren Young
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Charity O'Haodagain
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Nnnnnope. Take a break.
Tiffany Young
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Well, bless his little heart
Craig Schroerlucke
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Still trolling are ya?
John Chambers-Thieling
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Music, Dec. 20, Local promoter Jordan Clements fights for belonging and diversity
Awwwwww Jordan is just the best.
Jeffery Hacker

Love Jordan and all he does for all of us!
Angie Smith

The best, most fantastic, and genuinely kind promoter I have met. He honestly aims for entertainment over his own profit.

Clean Energy Now!
We all love to celebrate the winter holidays, where gift giving and receiving for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, is a beloved tradition.

When Congress passes the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a bill that has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate with bipartisan support, there will be a steadily increasing fee on carbon sources with the proceeds going directly into the pockets of Americans.

The bill will cut greenhouse gas pollution by 40 percent in just 12 years. It will be good for people, saving lives and improving health. It will be good for the economy, adding jobs as the clean energy economy grows. The one thing it will not grow is government, as the fees collected would be allocated directly to consumers to spend any way they choose.

With the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, Americans will have the opportunity to give and receive not just on holidays, but year-round. They will receive their equal share of the monthly dividend, and in making wiser choices for using energy, give a gift of a steadier climate and healthier community.
David Folland,

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