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Feedback from Dec. 12 and Beyond 

Opinionated readers sound off on nudism, the DABC and the "hater-in-chief."

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Cover story, Dec. 12, "No Garments Needed"

Very interesting.
Alasdair Ekpenyong
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Sounds cold.
Patrick R. Jones
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Religion can be used to justify anything. That's why it should be treated like the cancer it is.
Charles Prows
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Oh, the magic of warm and fuzzies to justify whatever crackpot shit people want to embrace.
Jennifer Guest Billingsley
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Nude yoga? A creeper's wet dream sitting in the back of class. Next week, Twister?
Andy Whitlock
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Do they sunbathe their balloon knot, too?
Ryan Northrop
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News, Dec. 12, "Rebel Spirits"

Wrong target. The DABC is only following the laws written and enacted by the state Legislature. Why blame [them]?
C.J. Southworth
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Oh, give me a break. Pot is now legal in Utah and 3.2% beer is now going away. If you can make a buck from it, they're going to back it.
Mark Johnson
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It's really just about control and money though, eh LDS church? Notice how their stance on marijuana has changed lately? Non-whites in the priesthood? Money! So hurry up, and legalize for recreational use. I'd like a dispensary to be as convenient as booze.
Via Twitter

Because it's immoral for a "person" to profit from something immoral. having the state make money is just fine. If you don't get off your ass and vote for people who represent you, it's your fault if you're not happy at the system in place.
C. Roy Pitcher
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Good luck. As in, I honestly wish you luck and hope you can make a difference!
Casey Smith
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Opinion, Dec. 12, "POTUS: 'Hater-in-Chief'"

Michael, I just had the pleasure of reading your piece, and I just wanted to say thank you. Your choice of words accurately portrays what all we "resisters"—we few Americans left with reason—have been thinking and have been aching for someone to say, especially through the lies and brazen deception put on display by Republicans during these impeachment hearings.
So I say again: thank you.
Jacob M. Stout,

Donald and Melania doubtless have a prenup that leaves her with little if she leaves him. She is nothing, and has nothing, without him.
Paul Brown

Lost my readership with this hate piece, Hater Weekly.
Dave Rosenfeld
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This is exactly why Donald is winning. And you wonder why nobody believes the media. Article was trash. There is no logic or proof. It's all opinion.
Blair Lewis.
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Editor Enrique Limón responds: The piece referenced was, in fact, an opinion piece.

Restaurant review, Dec. 12, Steyk Center

Alex, while I generally agree with your positive review of Steyk Center's burgers, I simply can't let your adoration of the bun pass without disagreement. After two bites, my Tav Burger completely obliterated the bun and ended up being one of the messiest eats I've had in recent memory. My dinner companion ended up eating his with a knife and fork. The flavor was great, but the process was a catastrophe. Not an experience either of us will rush to repeat. Good fries, but that bun still needs lots of work, and as we both recognize, the bun is integral to the experience, much like the tortilla to the burrito. 
Duncan Osborn
Via CW comments

I recommend the spicy chicken sandwich with a side of funeral potatoes topped with cheese, but it's all delicious!
Gia Bianca Stephens
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Best Breathing

Thanks for giving your "Best Clean-Air Crusader" award to me the and Clean the Darn Air ballot measure campaign ( in your 30th annual Best Of Utah. I'd like to point out that two other volunteers, Colleen Farmer and Dave Carrier, collected even more signatures than the 4,000 I gathered. Many other volunteers around the state joined the effort, too, and although we won't make the 2020 ballot, we're already gearing up to push a clean air and climate measure in 2022. Everyone is welcome to join!
Yoram Bauman,
Co-founder, Clean the Darn Air

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