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Feedback from August 6 and Beyond 

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"Who Owns the Airwaves?"
Benjamin Woods is a great reporter.
James Bramble
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"Turn on the Lights" (Private Eye)
I always enjoy reading John Saltas' columns, but businesses that need a thriving office workforce to support their business might want to start pivoting rather than hoping for a return to normal. My place of business has already allowed our staff to work from home for the remainder of 2020 regardless and, frankly, we're looking at making that indefinite. Why keep that expensive office? I don't think we come out of this the same as we went in.
Stuart Melling
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Saltas has been a strong voice in Utah for 30-plus years. And he speaks for me.
Eric Reis
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I can't be the only one thinking, "Who the fuck is John Saltas?" Right? Nothing more than saying dumb shit to get your name out.
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So, rural people who are far removed from hot zones are influencing policy? That would be very strange and backward if true.
Blaine Lafreniere
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Can we reserve this and provide solutions through hemp? Create revenue and sustainability to fight out problems of health, rural jobs, exports and air quality? How do we collectively bring these solutions to our decision makers?
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"Suburban Shawarma"
(Beirut Cafe)

Just ate lunch there last week, and it was delicious! I'm so happy to support a local business. Good review in the City Weekly.
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Gun Control Is Political Suicide
Sometimes, it seems like it's open season on killing male teenagers by law enforcement in Utah. Is there no way that trained officers can arrest a difficult teenager other than by killing him?

Of course, powers could legislate strict gun control so it would not be so easy for teens to obtain firearms in the first place. Why doesn't the court and the press try to follow up on the teen gun purchases? Shouldn't gun sellers be held for some responsibility in these killing of armed teens?

As long as state legislators continue to accept campaign funds from gun lobbies, nothing will change. I seriously doubt there is even one Republican legislator who is brave enough to support any gun control. Because, if he or she should do so, their re-election could be in jeopardy.

Sadly for many of these GOP legislators, their continued time in the Legislature is more important than the saving of young lives, the lives of police officers and all the other staggering numbers of almost daily gun deaths from suicide, homicide and accidental shootings in Utah.
Ted Ottinger

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