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Feedback from August 4 and Beyond 

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United Utah Party Heals
Because of my recent retirement after 40 years as a family practice physician, I am no longer able to initiate or implement medical healing for those around me.

There are many causes of medical problems, such as accidents, infections, exposures, genetics, etc. There are also causes of other problems that are harmful, hurting and dangerous. Many of these are related to today's political environment. Politically polarized beings cause many painful conditions.

The numerous existing barriers to political consolidation make society vulnerable to suppression and cruelty. Such difficulties have heavily advanced over recent years to the point that they must be overcome and prevented.

Although no longer a practicing physician, I desire to continue to heal others. My wish is to help people develop their own productive capacities, without a need to only live on what is produced and donated by others. Removing obstacles to the use of talents, potentialities and achievements of people—whether defined by race, religion, sex, social group or whatever—is an ideal source of greater prosperity.

Historically, I've been deeply involved with both major political parties. But recently, a new party has captured my attention—a party that is considerate of all viewpoints, one that's willing to listen, compromise in a peaceful manner and eager to enable the entire community in industrious, constructive and beneficial ways. Such improvements can advance and delight our lives.

This new party is the United Utah Party. Tired of political extremism? So is the United Utah Party. It unites all who want to end the extreme partisanship that has corrupted our political conversation. It's a moderate, centrist political party that focuses on practical solutions based on common sense and common ground.

UUP candidates are running for office throughout the state to bring civility and meaningful reform. I myself am on the November ballot for the Utah House of Representatives in District 42, which is in east Sandy.

Those working with my campaign have been advised that I am not running against any other candidate, only for the principles of the United Utah Party.

Offensive or insulting remarks about other candidates are not accepted, as we all have positive abilities and should be considerate and respectful of each other.

The plan is—and should be—to obtain input and insight from each other during the legislative session, regardless of who wins or loses.

The values of the United Utah Party are in line with most of the population in Sandy. Remaining in a position where I can encourage and bring about healing in another way for the next two years will make retirement much more acceptable to me!

Drying Up
With the rapid drying up of the Great Salt Lake and with Latter-day Saint Church membership also drying up, how long before this whole metropolitan area is just a ghost town?

Has anyone pointed out this scenario to all the condo builders?

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