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Feedback from August 19 and Beyond 

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"Flat Life" Aug. 19 Cover Story
Kudos to John Rasmuson for his fine menu of all things flat in Utah. Let me add just one more: Churches have fallen flat like Utah's politicians. They refuse to let go of theology even for a minute in order to survey what they might learn from sociology, history, language, government ... stuff like that.

In the old days, before the live, local teachings of the great prophets dried up like dew on a blade of grass, religion made an effort to encompass and explain everything—nature, nurture and nations. But gradually, as the world got just too complicated, the churches narrowed their purview down to a few things whose reality can be known (like love and kindness), and others whose reality is less obvious (like the efficacy of sacraments, the substance of miracles and the society of the afterlife).

How is it, then, that we will ever banish ignorance and violence, given that the state lacks ethics, and the church lacks science?
Woods Cross

How could citizens of Utah possibly identify with what's going on in Afghanistan? I mean, the very idea of mostly men of a certain fundamentalist religion running the place?

How shocking indeed!

Majority Should Rule
Heretofore, the implicit founding principle of our republic was democracy, impartial and free.

Now we are witnessing the imposition of legal barriers to the ballot and/or its casting, crafted by state legislatures dominated by a failing party—a party so far off the scales of American justice that it has decided democracy is a threat, that with the American people, all of them, free to vote in an unhindered election, the party would not survive.

So be it. This is America, where the majority rules and justice is for all.

If you have the courage to play politics on a level field, to put the interests of your constituents before those of your party and to live up to your faith, then pass the For the People Act, now!
Monroe, Washington

Correction: The Aug. 19 issue of City Weekly included reporting on the Hardscrabble Music Festival, which was to be held for the first time in Helper. Shortly after the newspaper's publication deadline, editorial staff learned that the event had been postponed due to surging cases of COVID-19. City Weekly apologizes for any inconvenience created by this sequence of events.

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