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Feedback from Aug. 23 and Beyond 

Readers sound off on wetlands, unpretentiousness and cannabis.

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Cover story, Aug. 23, "Oasis Lost"
IMO, I don't think referring to people as "invasive species" will help the problem.|
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Your recent article says the West Davis Corridor could eliminate another 2,000 acres of wetlands. In fact this number is approximately 50 acres. It's also important to note the project will acquire and restore 1,100 acres of wetlands west of the corridor as part of our wetland and wildlife mitigation plan.
John Gleason,
UDOT public information officer

Author Emma Penrod responds: I pulled the figures in the article directly from Aubin Douglas' master's thesis. Her methodology involved taking USGS maps of known wetlands, and overlaying them with the planned footprints of each of the three projects mentioned to determine the wetland area lost. Douglas is a young researcher, but her work was supervised by a tenured professor at USU. I was referred to her when I called USU for an academic opinion on wetland acreage.

It's likely that the reason for the disparity between the figures can be explained by differences in UDOT and Douglas' methodology (and/or their definition of what it means to be a wetland). But without additional information on how UDOT came up with their figure, I couldn't say for sure.

Sprung for Springer

I have always wanted to let Alex Springer know how much I enjoy his good-hearted and unpretentious reviews. I was waiting until I was sure City Weekly had finally dumped What's His Name. Having lived in New York City and Chicago, I was always amused at What's His Name's pomposity and ignorance of anything but the most obvious tourist restaurants outside of Salt Lake City. Actually, I do hope What's His Name is OK and did not just drop dead from hyper-rich-food gluttony.
Steve Ifshin,
Salt Lake City

Online news post, Aug. 30, "Chronic Lack of Research: Guv gets in the weeds while discussing his thoughts on medical cannabis"

His cop-out is annoying. He's conservative and beholden to LDS Church and UDOT buddies. They don't like it and he can't stand the heat. So cops-out with Fed excuse instead of just doing the right thing in health care expansion and medical marijuana. [He's] not his own man and sells the citizens of Utah out. Voters need to get rid of Herbert! We need someone who will look out for our interests not his corporate buddies.
Cheryl Langston
Via Facebook

Maybe he should listen to the voters and not Washington. It's funny how they want state freedoms until it's something they are against then want to throw it on the Feds.
Michael Maez
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They drug their feet too long trying to figure out a way to corner the market. Too late, Gary. The citizens of Utah have spoken and took it upon themselves to make change.
Brian Pardee
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He's lying about the research. There's plenty of research already to warrant support passage of the proposition.
Stuart McDonald
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Lol. He's annoyed that the public is going to make a decision he doesn't feel they should be able to make.
Bryan Orvis
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Wait until his stake president talks to him. He'll be changing his mind.
Michael Adams
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I loathe the Religislature.
Vincent Sebastian Green
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