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Feedback from Aug. 15 and Beyond 

Readers sound off on beer and a particularly glamorous Trump supporter.

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Cover story, Aug. 15, The Beer Issue

Get in my belly!
Brianne Hadley
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Beautiful artwork!
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It's not the first time this weekly is simply a delightful experience to be consumed, relished, and, oh, how spicy. Wit filled with subtle irony. Mmm. Smell that fragrance?
Betty Barkas Hood
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Cover story, Aug. 15, "Almost Ales"

You men need to keep your noses out of our vaginas. Unless you want us to start cutting off your testicles. We do still outnumber men.
Diane Armstrong
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Cover story, Aug. 15, "Tasty to the Core"

Wouldn't that just be apple-flavored soda?
Cody Earnshaw
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Brian Shaw
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Cover story, Aug. 15, "Frosty Flicks"

Fuck this guy. Broken Lizard is amazing. Sucks comedy makes you sad.
Jake Willard
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Online news post, Aug. 16, "Trump Queen" 

Why can't we all just get along and allow people to have their own beliefs and opinions?
Clarissa Weir

Ah yes. Give her press time. Brilliant. She obviously needs new wigs. Le sigh.
Jack Strickland
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Lol. Had she been a Democrat y'all would be jumping for joy.
Kevin Thomson
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Going against the grain. I love it.
Kyle Murphy
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This is gross. Why are you guys giving this person a platform for hate?
Chris Martin

Why would any LGBTQ American support Trump or the GOP? I'm not saying you just support the Democrats, but why would you support a party that literally hates you? Trump and the GOP are trying to legalize discrimination against our community.
Blake Warren
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Editor's note: You can read Lady MAGA's manifesto on p. 8.

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