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Feedback from April 8 and Beyond 

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"Pill Popping" April 8 Private Eye column
Your column is unfortunately absolutely accurate. There is a widespread "conspiracy" to overdose us, all with the best possible intentions. 

 In our family, we have never found it necessary to use more than a small fraction of the painkillers prescribed after injuries or surgery. A prime example occurred when my wife had dental implants some years ago. The surgeon sensibly prescribed sufficient painkillers to get her through the immediate consequences.

I later got an official rebuke from my Medicare D insurance company saying that they were covering this but only as an exception—in the future, would I please ask the surgeon to prescribe an "appropriate" quantity (presumably a generous 30-day supply). I was unfortunately too slow-witted to think that I could have asked for a massive refill, sold the pills on the street and taken my wife on a Caribbean vacation.

Stay safe—and keep up the good work!
Richard Middleton
Salt Lake City

Honor the Earth and Reduce CO2
As a member of the Salt Lake City chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL), I'm writing to urge readers to nudge their representatives in Congress to act on climate change.

It's likely that some form of federal climate legislation will be passed within the next year or so. Studies and data show that a carbon fee and dividend (CFD) approach will have the greatest impact in reducing CO2. It also would have the most positive impact on our economy and upon lower-income people. And it could have the most durability over differing federal administrations.

If members of the Utah congressional delegation could be convinced to support CFD legislation, other members of the Republican Party might well follow suit and perhaps a bipartisan solution will be enacted.

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and Reps. John Curtis and Blake Moore have already made public statements about the need to address climate change. We just need to move these members of Congress a little further to get them engaged in climate change legislation now.

Time is of the essence. The Biden administration is likely to find a way to pass climate legislation. City Weekly readers have a limited time to contact their members of Congress and encourage their support of a CFD approach.

Or, we could end up with something that is not as effective or durable.
Marc Peterson

On Rescinding the Utah Mask Mandate
Just as long as the Karens are nice to the business owners who choose not to require patrons/employees to mask up. It will be interesting to see how this phase goes.
Brian Child

This is going to be worse than when we first started making people wear masks. Retail and service workers are going to start getting their asses handed to them.

I'm old. You don't ask an asshole to be nice. When they manifest, you treat them like an asshole. The customer ain't always right. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that Americans don't understand "respect."

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