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Feedback from April 30 and Beyond 

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Re: the video interview with Alan Hebertson of the Coffee Garden on the CW Facebook page:
Love this place. Best lattes I've ever had. An absolute most when I'm on the city.
Casen Anderson
via Facebook

Woot, woot!
Maryanne Rios
via Facebook

I want a piece of the coconut-cream pie
Lisanne Gross
via Facebook

Man, I better get up there and grab a seat while I can.
Tom Brooks
via Facebook

On the April 30 feature on the relaunch of Marissa's Bookstore:
Love this place!
Via Instagram

Super fun bookstore! They have cute gifts, too.
via Instagram

This brand new rethink of their bookstore on 9th and 3300 South is amazing and beautiful! Check it out.
via Instagram

This is the first I've heard of @marissasbookstore! Thanks for introducing me to another cool place I hope to visit soon!
Via Instagram

More on Trump's idea to cure COVID-19 by possibly injecting disinfectant:
He caused confusion during a pandemic.
Chase Botwin
via Facebook

People who are low in IQ listen to him. He's dangerous. Evidence is in the increase in calls to poison control today. Hopefully ER visits don't increase because of this.
Cheryl Hinman
via Facebook

Could have gotten rid of the dumb ones, but no.
Rob Hall
via Facebook

The fact that you can be made to believe a moron who rose to the highest level of power in the world says a lot about you.
If the media wants you to think he was smart and good at his job, you would swallow that BS, too, because you're a thoughtless fool. You're completely mind-f—ked, and you can't see it.
Danny Levesk
via Facebook

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