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Feature Sidebar | Dead Ahead: More Dream Mine signs of the end of the world, and other prophecies 

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The visions of the unusual Spanish Fork farmer turned prophet, John Hyrum Koyle were featured in this week’s cover story “Prophet Sharing.” The history of Koyle itself was too large to be completely included in the print version, so here we have included additional dreams Koyle was alleged to have had, including the vision he “missed” the mark on, as well as a unique dream he had in which he interpreted a vision given to church founder Joseph Smith as being meant for him.

Signposts For the Apocalypse
Koyle was said to have predicted many occurrences with uncanny accuracy, but details of the end of the world are cryptic. According to accounts related in Ogden Kraut’s John H. Koyle’s Relief Mine, an economic crash would dominate the newspapers, which would have “three inch headlines” proclaiming this calamity while local papers at the same time, in much smaller news would give word of the first shipment of gold being taken out of the mine.

Details are very fuzzy beyond that. In Norman Pierce’s The Dream Mine Story there’s additional mention that Koyle indicated that the mine would pay off in gold barely in time for the faithful to utilize the wealth to ready against the apocalypse. Pierce also notes that Koyle said that besides the mine producing just in the nick of time, it would also make for happy holidays, leading many to believe the mine would come in just before Christmas. These are the most immediate warnings, there were said to be some greater signs in the years right before the end.

The Famine
Pierce also noted Koyle’s mention of a hard drought and famine to hit the world before the mine was to come in. It would start with a long hard winter, followed by a wet spring, then a dry hot summer with a devastating drought spreading on for the next four years. Koyle also said that this would lead up to the economic crash, at a time when the economy would “go up as if on stilts.” The crash would leave the US in disarray, and it would then make the US vulnerable to outside attacks.

The “Reds”
Most amazing is what described by Norman Pierce in his work The Dream Mine Story where he describes how while the US is in ruins we would be invaded by China and Russia. “He [Koyle] said that after the Reds took over most of Europe, Asia and Africa they would invade the United States and Canada, and because of our chaotic conditions there would be very little organized resistance,” Pierce writes.

“He [Koyle] said that the Reds would get as far as the Missouri river before being stopped by divine intervention. The Chinese would invade the west coast and get as far as the Sierra Nevadas before they were stopped by divine intervention, and that these invasions would not reach us here in these valleys of the mountains,” Pierce writes.

Koyle’s Dream Saves J. Golden Kimball
Koyle’s incredible dreams have been called into question by many since Koyle never recorded any of his own revelations himself. Koyle believed angels had commanded him to write nothing  down of his dreams, so most accounts of his dreams are second hand, and mostly from his followers. Yet one of Koyle’s dream’s was witnessed by many non-followers, including J. Golden Kimball, a famous early General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Kimball at the time was Koyle’s mission president in the southern states when Koyle was a young missionary.

Koyle at this time had not had his famous dream about the mine, but was soon gaining a reputation for his other dreams. A story related in Ogden Kraut’s John H. Koyle’s Relief Mine, tells of how one dream of Koyle’s may have saved the life of his mission president J. Golden Kimball, who would later go on to become a general authority of the church.

Koyle was said to have had a dream in which he saw an angry mob storming a church meeting that Kimball was speaking at, seeking to take and lynch the man.

Koyle quickly warned Kimball of his dream, and Kimball decided to heed the young missionary’s warning and he skipped the meeting the next day. When the meeting started, an angry mob appeared just as Koyle had dreamt, but when the mob asked for Kimball and he was not there, they dispersed.

Koyle Shares Revelation First Sent to Joseph Smith
One of the most unique prophecies Koyle ever had, pertained to revelation that was originally received by church founder Joseph Smith. Koyle was said to have one day (sources haven’t identified the exact date) heard a distinct voice tell him to read section 111 in The Doctrine and Covenants  a collection of more modern LDS revelations and church history.

Section 111 is about revelation God was said to have given Joseph Smith who on August 6, 1836 had traveled to Salem, Massachusetts. Smith specifically traveled to Salem where God had told him “I have much treasure in this city for you for the benefit of Zion.” Another passage in this section “And it shall come to pass that in due time I will give this city into your hands, that you shall have power over it, insomuch that they shall not discover your secret parts; and it’s wealth pertaining to gold and silver shall be yours.”

This passage Koyle believes was not referring to Salem, Massachusetts but Salem, Utah-the small farm town for where the dream mine sits today, abutted against the town’s hills. Koyle also believes this wealth referred to that of the Dream Mine. This section of The Doctrine and Covenants  is one often argued about in LDS scholarly circles for at the time it was received by Smith there were no treasures discovered in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Miss
Many records indicate that Koyle never got a prophesy wrong, but some disagree.

Norman Pierce points out that Koyle wrongly “stuck his neck out” and believed the first shipment of ore would be taken from the mountain on August 27 1946. This did not occur, but Pierce believes this dream was a muddled one, and the conclusion of it was pushed by over anxious followers.
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