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FBI Fib 

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The cover story “FBI Spy” [July 14, City Weekly] is the kind of story every mainstream network and rag should be covering and making a big deal of. Sadly, they don’t. What we get from them instead are baseless justifications for the costly and useless War on Terror/Drugs and other brain-cell-cleansing lather. Many of the incidents tallied in the article from Alternet.org were covered by Amy Goodman at Democracy Now and printed in American Free Press about a year ago. Thanks to City Weekly for bringing it to the attention of those along the Wasatch Front who would otherwise remain unaware.

The newer cases of the entrapped Muslims and the following older and criminally under-reported incident demonstrate that one cannot spell “fabricate” without an “F” a “B” and an “I”: FaBrIcate. I’ll probably get on the watch list for this one.

Clee Paul Ames

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