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Faulty Reasoning 

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While it is reasonable—even commendable—for an open-minded atheist to require actual evidence, apparently some purposefully set a bar so high as to exceed even the reasonably miraculous. So, in response to “If God Exists, He’s Evil” [Letters, Jan. 19, City Weekly], I note the following serious blunders of logic:

First, the wrong definition of “God.” Only a being perfect in every way, especially ethically, deserves the title.

Second, guilt by association. Anyone can claim to represent God, but only the ethical might do so (and even their imperfections are their own, not God’s).

Third, arguing against extinction (and by inference, evolutionary change). This makes no sense scientifically (the physical transformation of organic life) or religiously (the ethical transformation of people).

Fourth, fault-finding in earthquakes (and by implication, creative plate tectonics). This logic would have us believe that because people get hurt falling, there should be no gravity!

Fifth, capricious logic: We should be able to extinguish ourselves (euthanasia), but dinosaurs should not be extinct; the population should be curbed (birth control), but those people born should never grow old (or die).

Any honest, moral person of sound reasoning would not rationalize with such illusory inconsistency nor impute the imperfections of followers to the One being followed.

Rick Taylor
South Salt Lake

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