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Fault the True Culprits 

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Fault the True Culprits
Mark Alvarez in his opinion piece ["Welcome Home," Nov. 27, City Weekly] stated, "Independent contractor schemes, temporary agencies and various other tactics are used to skirt federal laws prohibiting employment of the undocumented".

I do agree with most of Mr. Alvarez's article, but as the founder and co-owner of All Trades Temporary Staffing Services, LLC, I must take exception to the above statement regarding "temporary agencies" in general.

We strictly adhere to the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, since 1995. We do not discriminate and we do not employ individuals who cannot prove his or her right to work in the United States. The other staffing services with which I work also follow the law carefully. I am sure there are a few services that skirt the law, as there are in any industry.

I do not fault illegal aliens striving to better their lives. I do, indeed, fault the employers who cheat the illegal workers out of fair wages and workers' compensation and unemployment insurance, who cheat their fellow citizens by not hiring them, and who cheat the government by not paying their fair share of taxes so they can undercut the legitimate employers who play by the rules.

The government should definitely drop the hammer on these true culprits.

Tom Stechschulte
Salt Lake City

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