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Equality, Not Diversity 

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With the letter concerning the ice cream cart [“No Ice Cream For You,” July 21, City Weekly], we learn what happens when you vote for “liberals.”

It’s time to retire that term for good. They are government progressives. Mayor Ralph Becker is a government progressive, President Barack Obama is a government progressive, John McCain is a government progressive.

From what I’ve noticed, government progressives believe that government is the answer to everything. They believe people can’t do things on their own, they can’t take care of each other on their own, they can’t succeed in whatever they seek to do on their own, they can’t be decent to each other on their own—they need the government to do that for them. So they set up all these programs to do just that.

They also set up programs to help out whatever group feels marginalized or, better yet, whatever group they can get to feel marginalized. They talk about how they’re compassionate. Compassion doesn’t mean you step on the rights of others to make room for someone else. They always talk about diversity like it’s such a wonderful thing. It’s not.

Diversity is celebrating your differences and getting others to celebrate your differences. We need to look more toward equality. Whatever we are is only part of us; we are creations of a superior power. We need to stop looking at ourselves as, “Well, I’m this, so I’m not as good as someone who is that,” or, “I am this, so I’m better than that.”

Our creator, whatever you believe that is, doesn’t look at us as greater than or less than. We are equal children of creation and need to treat one another as such. We are born to be free, and live in a country that reflects that. We can’t be free if we are divided.

I believe that we can’t choose the right path if we can’t choose. If we continue to remain divided, banning ice cream bikes will be considered small potatoes compared to the laws coming down the pike if we continue to vote for the guy who says he cares about you instead of looking to the one who has never left our side for guidance.

Winter Naomi Vera

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