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Singer/songwriter returns to music with a paean to her favorite beverage.

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Different music genres have their own tropes—none quite like country music, though. It's easy to find songs about a man lamenting lost love and healing the pain with beer, and probably a few shots of whiskey as well. Tired of hearing the countless songs in country music about beer, SLC singer/songwriter Emily Hicks decided to write her own anthem about a different type of libation: canned wine.

"I'm constantly bombarded with songs about beer, but I've never liked the taste," Hicks said. "I just drink a lot of canned wine instead, and it deserves a moment in the spotlight."

As we steadily drift through summer and the weather gets hotter and hotter, we still need songs perfect for those fun evenings. "Canned Wine" is a perfect addition to any summer playlist. "I wanted the final song to feel like you are hanging out with your best friends by the pool, having a great time, and I think we accomplished that," Hicks said.

The song did turn out to be a fun, summery track but it's not as if Hicks went into the studio expecting to put something like this together. "It came out really fast, like an hour and a half, and it was epic," she explained.

Once it was written, Hicks put it in her regular rotation at live shows, and it quickly became a favorite. "I started playing it just for fun, throwing it into my sets, because it's different. I'm a lot about love songs, and that's the one people remember. They think it's funny," she said.

The song starts with a soft, twangy guitar before Hicks' soft yet cheerful vocals come in. "It's Wine Wednesday / Breaking out the sweet rosé / Let the bubbles just take me away," she sings. "I'll be floating like it's Saturday / Don't need a glass / All I do is pop a tab / It's an unofficial holiday."

Of course, if you do like beer, don't take offense—that's just fine, too. "Beer's fine / But I'm feeling fancy tonight," Hicks sings in the chorus.

The summer tune is an Americana/folk/country jam that lets you fall into the comforting embrace of string instruments and a laid-back feel. If that's not your vibe, a dance remix version of the song was also released for all of your high-energy dancing needs.

"Canned Wine" doesn't just represent a fun and inviting way for Hicks to interact with fans; it also marks a return to music for the singer/songwriter. "I haven't released new music in two years," she explained. "It's been two years of learning and growing. Getting my business set, songwriting, playing a lot of gigs, but mostly just for money, not really for my art."

Hicks thought that "Canned Wine" would be the perfect song to make a comeback, something that would grab people's attention. The release of this song is an exciting precursor for what's to come—an entire album of songs, new and old, that Hicks gets to share with listeners.

That includes a few that she thought she would never release. "Most of these songs are older songs I wrote before, that deserve to see the light of day, that I'm polishing up and have been ready for so long to release," she said. "I've already started writing for the next album. That's what I'm doing now."

Before we start looking too far into the future with Hicks' next album, another single— "Breathe"—releases everywhere Aug. 18. Less cheerful but equally as intriguing as "Canned Wine," "Breathe" is a song that delves deep into the struggle of living with depression and anxiety on a daily basis. Featuring just Hicks and an acoustic guitar, this new track is a beautiful and relatable journey that will make you feel a little bit less alone if you grapple with these feelings.

As Hicks continues to put out new music, she looks forward to fully introducing herself to those who have been hearing her live all this time, and those who haven't discovered her music yet. "I'm just excited to be able to reintroduce myself a little bit. I've been playing these songs for years now, and I'm really excited to, first of all, hear them produced in their full glory, and just being able to say, 'Hey, I'm back, and this is who I am,' with this album."

There's no definite date set for the full album release just yet, but that just gives you more time to spend with the singles that are out right now. "Canned Wine" is perfect for any get-together out in the hot summer sun, while "Breathe" is a great track to put on when you need to do just that—breathe.

Hicks will continue to deliver her brand of narrative-driven, relatable acoustic tracks that listeners can fall into and enjoy. In the meantime, kick back, grab a can of wine, and enjoy those summer vibes while they last.


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