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Dutch Oven Recipe: Roasted Verde Salsa con Lentils 

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3 pounds Anaheim Chiles
2 pounds Tomatillos
3 Jalapenos
2 large Sweet Onions, diced
1 head Garlic, peeled and minced
2 cups Autumn blend Lentils (or whatever you use or find)

Fill large chimney with briquettes and start coal with a small amount of paper in the lower chamber. Once you have a good flame going, use tongs to toast chiles, tomatillos and peppers over open flame. When the chiles roast, they will make a popping sound. Once they are thoroughly blackened all around, place in a brown paper bag so they steam a bit. This will take a while.

Allow tomatillos to roast on top of briquettes and remove once each side has browned/ blackened and begins to bubble. Set aside and allowed to cool.

(I actually use two chimneys so I have enough surface area to cook my peppers and chiles and have coals on hand.)

Peel peppers and chiles, remove seed and dice. Peel tomatillos and discard skins. Dice the inner seed part and add to peppers/chiles. Meanwhile, begin browning onion and garlic in Dutch oven. When browned, add 2 cups of Autumn blend lentils. These cook in 45 minutes; the green or brown lentils will take longer. Add 4 cups of water.

Cover and allow to simmer until lentils are thoroughly cooked, occasionally stirring. Add water as necessary. This mix should be less runny, so you can spoon some onto a tortilla and it won't run out. While salsa is simmering, make fresh corn tortillas. I use the Maseca flour, water and roll out golf ball sized tortillas. Use the lid and a pile of briquettes to create a skillet. Keep tortillas warm in a tin foil pocket.

Add lime juice, salt and pepper to taste. Serve with fresh homemade tortillas, limes, fresh cut onions, salt and minced cilantro. For less vegan approach add Queso fresca to the garnishes or anything you want. This version is suitable for many diets and great for backpacking since very few items require refrigeration, but it is easily converted to chicken, pork, etc for the main protein.

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