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Drought Shaming 

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Drought Shaming
It has been reported on TV news and in every form of media that we have a dire need this year to conserve water. Yet, on April 15, I saw a local car wash watering the snow in front of its Salt Lake City location—during a snowstorm.

This could have been so easily fixed by walking over to the control box and turning the water off. The fact that the watering system is automated does not "hold water" with anyone.

Shame, shame on those who would make our lives more difficult this summer.
Kim Thomas
Salt Lake City

Trophy Hunting Inexcusable, Inhumane
When a Utah native Rebecca Francis posted a photo of herself smiling next to the corpse of a male giraffe she had killed, she probably should have anticipated that thousands of people would react in horror. Not only did she kill an animal that the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species states has a decreasing population, she also seemed gleeful in the face of another living being's death.

Sport hunting is a violent activity practiced by a small percentage of people who, for reasons most of us may not understand, enjoy terrorizing and killing animals. As many as 50 percent of animals who are shot with crossbows do not die immediately, leaving the animals to suffer prolonged and painful deaths. Even in the case of an immediate kill, hunting can tear apart families and disrupt migration and hibernation patterns for the animals left behind.

The backlash against Francis is a result of people seeing trophy hunting for what it is: a blood sport that is as inexplicable and inexcusable as it is inhumane.
Jennifer Bates
PETA Foundation
Norfolk, Va.

Becker Should Have Listened
In response to Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker asking people to conserve water recently and to your commentor from two weeks ago on contrail pollution ["Get Rid of Contrails," Letters, April 2, City Weekly]:

Who thinks it's funny Becker's office hung up on three different meteorologists two years ago? Meteorologists warned him the eco-terror known as weather modification was not going to be allowed anymore. They warned him fake water from fake clouds created from silver iodide, purposeful contrails, acetone, propane, carbon dioxide cloud-seeding bullets and the 130-plus chemical-emitting ground generators spewing across the state would be rendered useless.

Too bad. Guess he should've listened.

This eco-terror never should have happened. Yet it's been taking place since 1973. That's why there's no water this year. There wasn't any in the first place, and there hasn't been any for two decades.

The ski resorts should plan on practically no business next year. Weather control ain't happening anymore.
Glynis Thurmon
Sugar House

Please, No Catered Pizza
Me too, John! I ain't going to the reception, either ["Drawn & Catered," Private Eye, April 9, City Weekly]. No catered pizza for us!
Kim Gregory
Salt Lake City

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