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Dressing the Part 

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It’s well known that serial killers fancy dress-up. John Wayne Gacy moonlighted as a clown, and Ted Bundy lured some of his victims by posing as a cop. Ski masks suffice for bank robbers and terrorists, but those with a bit more flair will go for an ex-president mask. Sex predators and panty sniffers prefer the nylon stocking cap'a creepy getup for some creepy dudes. But what of common street scum?

04/20/06, 21:10, Robbery with a Knife, 700 N. Starcrest Dr.

The victim, a driver for Ute Cab Company, responded to a call for a fare at the listed location. When he arrived, a male Hispanic adult, dark skin, 150 lb., 5’6”, short spiky hair, wearing a blue hoodie, got in the front seat. The suspect produced a knife and held it to the victim’s throat while demanding money. The victim complied and the suspect fled the scene on foot.

04/18/06, 23:11, Robbery with a Gun, 910 N. 900 West, Quick Stop

Four suspects entered the store. One suspect was armed with a shotgun and one suspect had a bat. Two of the suspects approached the clerk and detained him while another suspect detained the second clerk. The fourth suspect took money from the register and some phone cards. One of the suspects broke out the TV monitor in the back room. The suspects then fled southbound on foot. The suspects are described as male Hispanics, 5’6”, medium build, dark clothing and wearing gloves. One suspect had a dark bandanna over his face and another wore a hoodie.

04/17/06, 23:15, Aggravated Robbery with Knife, 1174 W. 600 North, Smiths

As the victim was taking the money from the fuel office to the main store office, he was attacked from behind by the suspect (male adult, 18-20 yr., white or gray hoodie, white baseball cap, and facial hair). The victim was stabbed in the back and knocked to the ground. The suspect took the money and left on foot in a northeast direction. The victim was taken to the hospital in fair condition.

04/09/06, 13:36, Robbery with a Knife, 1640 S. Main St.

The victim was working at the 99 Cent Mart when a male entered the store and asked for four packs of Marlboro Red cigarettes. As the victim was waiting to get the money for the purchase, the male produced a knife and demanded money from the register. The victim fled to a different area of the store to retrieve a hammer to defend himself and the male fled with the cigarettes only. The suspect is described as a male Hispanic adult, 35-40 yrs, 5’9”, 170 lbs, with a salt and pepper thin mustache. He was wearing Levis, a gray or tan colored hoodie and fled on a mountain bike northbound on Main St. then west on Kensington Ave.

04/18/06, 11:57, Armed Robbery, 1030 E. 2nd Ave.

The suspect, male white adult, 20-25 yr., blond hair, 5’5”, slender build, entered the business wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt with black sweatpants. The suspect approached the clerk and said he had a gun. He forced the clerk to open the till and took an unknown amount of money. The suspect ran eastbound from the store.

04/05/06, 23:11, Aggravated Robbery, 916 W. North Temple

The victim was walking to the 7-Eleven when a red compact car, possibly a Honda, pulled to the curb. Suspect No. 1 (male Hispanic adult, 5’9”, stocky build, black leather coat, black hoodie, black beanie) got out of the car and approached him and demanded the victim’s money. The suspect held a knife to the victim and removed the victim’s wallet from his pocket. The suspect vehicle then fled east on North Temple driven by suspect No. 2

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