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Downtown Entrapment 

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We went downtown to enjoy Dine O’Round on Sept. 21. We were on 200 South and made a right turn onto State Street. We were pulled over for failure to obey a traffic sign. What traffic sign?

There is a sign half a block back that says “No Right Turn,” but you assume that’s for the actual right-hand lane, not the middle lane at the light. There could be a sign at the intersection—put a cement pillar that actually has a “No Right Turn” sign. Half a block down, there is a side street with a stop sign that has a large “No Left Turn” sign attached. So, obviously, the city has the capability of clearly marking traffic flow.

This is a huge revenue source for Salt Lake City. They had a team of four motorcycle police officers, and they pulled over 11 motorists in a 51-minute time period. If the intersection is clearly marked, then how can 11 motorists make the same mistake in a 51-minute time frame?

The staff at the Marriott told us it’s an issue for their valet because the officers are pulling motorists over in front of their hotel and that it happens a couple of days a week. What an issue for the new restaurant. It looked like a disco outside during the entire dining experience, with all of the police lights flashing in our eyes.

If Salt Lake City really wants to have a vibrant evening lifestyle and not abandoned storefronts, its policy needs to change. Why would I drive there to be stung in a police trap? I have had the same experience turning onto 400 South—a line of police just pulling over car after car. I can shop or go to several businesses in Holladay or Murray without the threat of entrapment.

I understand police need to protect, but this was down-and-dirty pillaging. It was actually pathetic when the officer had to draw a map to show how far back the sign was. I was embarrassed for him and for the system.


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