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Friday, July 13 (Fox)
Two-Hour Series Finale'This Time for Real, Probably: Fox decided that Friday the 13th would be a more advantageous send-off/burn-off date for the canceled Drive than July the 4th. Or they’re just fucking with you again, thousands of desperate Drive fans stuck with TiVos full of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? and House reruns all summer, longing for closure. Face it'Fox hates you.

Monk, Psych
Friday, July 13 (USA)
Season Premieres: Need a reason to give Monk a shot, hipsters? How about guest star Sarah Silverman? Way back in Season 2, before Silverman began her ascension to Basic Cable Goddess (Comedy Central’s hit Sarah Silverman Program) and Cult Film Item (Jesus Is Magic), she played the phobic detective’s No. 1 fan/stalker. You’ll still probably hate Monk, but at least you’ll have some new YouTube material for your own obsessive blog shrines. In Psych’s second-season opener, the show has finally figured out how to walk the crime drama/buddy comedy line: throw out the drama completely. Shawn and Gus investigate a murder threat against a judge on TV karaoke-talent show American Duos, played Simon Cowell-ishly by Tim Curry. Naturally, they go undercover as a singing twosome and take mucho swipes at American Idol and its ilk'but none can match guest Gina Gershon’s hysterically unhinged homage to Paula Abdul. Without the cop-show pretense, Psych is the funniest series on USA … besides Nashville Star.

Saturday, July 14 (Sci-Fi)
A prehistoric killer alligator re-created from fossilized DNA escapes from a bioengineering lab and threatens a luxury resort'why are these secret government labs always next door to luxury resorts? Did they learn nothing from Frankenfish and Dinocroc?

Rock of Love, Scott Baio Is 45 & Single
Sunday, July 15 (VH1)
Series Debuts: The full title is Rock of Love With Bret Michaels; it’s the Poison frontman’s version of Flavor Flav’s Flavor of Love: Formerly relevant ’80s music star sifts through skanks in search of an everlasting infection, er, bond with the “ultimate rock star girlfriend.” Since ultimate rock star girlfriends usually end up abandoned, strung out and/or dead, good times (or Rock of Love 2) a-comin’! Scott Baio’s also looking for love; he’s opted for his own series instead simply hanging around outside of NBC’s Age of Love backstage door and picking up the 40-something castoffs with the foolproof line, “Hey, I’m Scott Baio.”

Side Order of Life, State of Mind
Sunday, July 15 (Lifetime)
Series Debuts: A magazine photographer (Marisa Coughlin) reconsiders marrying Jason Priestly after receiving a “wake-up call from the universe.” That call: “It’s Jason Priestly'he’ll have his own dating show on VH1 any day now! Run!” State of Mind stars Lili Taylor as therapist whose own'wait for it'personal tics rival those of her colorful patients. It’s the TNT formula: Respected film actress (like The Closer’s Kyra Sedgwick or Saving Grace’s Holly Hunter) + quirky premise (Southern cop in Los Angeles or alcoholic cop talking to angels) = ratings gold. Unless said actress is utterly unlikable thanks to a lame-ass arc on Six Feet Under. Not naming names

Victoria Beckham: Coming to America
Monday, July 16 (NBC)
The only person on earth less interesting than Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham is her husband'and NBC was going to make a six-part reality series about both of ’em moving to Los Angeles. Now, it’s been truncated into a one-hour “special” centered on the one with no discernible talent'yes, in relative terms here, soccer is a talent. Does Coming to America reveal that there’s more to “international superstar” Victoria than a dead-eyed trout stare and perma-perk plastic tits? No … Hollywood. By. Storm.

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