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Don't Throw Veterans on the Trash Heap 

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Don't Throw Veterans on the Trash Heap
I applaud Chuck Tripp's support of Vietnam vets ["I Mourn the Draftees," Letters, June 18, City Weekly], but I am saddened that his admonishment of current returning military volunteers smacks a bit of blaming the victim for the woes many face after service.

In truth, all of us who have served, regardless of where, when and how, whether volunteers or draftees, are deserving of respect and support.

Veterans, without doubt, did not "ask for it," with regard to lack of physical and mental rehabilitation, high unemployment, lack of housing or other services. Please don't throw them on the trash heap when they no longer are needed.

Some of my veteran friends who have done well have joined me at our local Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces project.

We meet with Utah veteran brothers and sisters who haven't quite made it back to the American dream. We mentor them, intercede for them and get them all kinds of support when they need it.

We accomplish a lot for these kids but will do even more when more successful veterans volunteer to join us. Find out more by visiting
Stan Rosenzweig
Cottonwood Heights

Challenging the Mayor
This is an election year, and I agree that we should not trivialize sexual harassment nor should we expect our employees to take the fall for us.

I am running for Salt Lake City mayor, and I will hold Mayor Ralph Becker to "focus on legitimate areas of policy and leadership differences among the mayoral candidates."

I have experienced firsthand Becker's "policy and leadership." When I suspected millions of dollars were wasted in legal fees and the targeting of private citizens and landowners by Becker's office and staff, I attempted to communicate my concerns to them. When I proposed legitimate and lasting solutions, I was screamed at, threatened with litigation and told they were "watching my every move."

Becker, I signed the pledge for civility and honesty when I filed to run. You have my personal commitment that the discussions and accountability we're embarking on are anchored in facts.
Dave Robinson
Salt Lake City

Stick to Concert Listings
Having long read City Weekly, my main interest is in the concert schedule. Having said that, l couldn't help but run up recently against John Saltas' never-ending barrage against everything that is good and wonderful and true ["Summer Safely," Private Eye, June 4].

Having culminated with a sadly misconstrued sorting-out of events at Bear Lake in which four persons were unable to survive the frigid waters, Saltas proclaimed he was "feeling terribly" (even an English failure such as myself knows that doesn't sound correct) for those who died. Anybody with even the slightest understanding of eternal truths would acknowledge that these kind souls are now in an existence of perfect peace and love and harmony!

Those girls who survived the ordeal are those to whom your "tenderheartedness" should be steered. They spoke of the humble prayers offered up and the "angels" who watched over them, and through divine intervention their lives were spared.

If you want to "feel terribly" about anything, feel sorrow for these precious survivors, preserved to continue their battle against the madness of a world gone out of control, with no worthwhile leaders, and with its pain, suffering, disease, war and hunger, and on and on. The message sent is a perfect example of what is printed in this paper week in and week out: little or no comprehension of what is true and real.

You should stick to concert listings—at least you'll be getting something right!
Dennis L. Elton
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