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Don't Get Hopes Up 

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The recent cover story “The Great Obamacare Scare” [May 24, City Weekly], asks the question of whether the Republican health-care plan is better.

I’m reminded of something that happened years ago. Remember, the health-care debate has been going on for just about 100 years ... since the time of Teddy Roosevelt.

Among other things, the 1948 Republican platform called for health-care reforms. You can read the entire document by searching for “1948 Republican platform.” It was a presidential election year, with incumbent Harry Truman running against Thomas Dewey. Republicans in Congress had already killed any number of liberal items that he, Truman, had proposed, such as housing, aid to education and medical care, and then had gone ahead at their national convention to put many of those same items into their platform and call for their passage! This, after having voted against the same provisions!

President Truman promptly announced that he was going to call Congress back into session to pass the self-same items the Republicans supported in their very own platform. This really pissed off the Republicans to have their duplicity and split personality pointed out to the American people. They had never had any intention of passing or supporting any of the things listed in their platform and would not—and did not—support them in the Congress.

Does anyone believe that the Republicans are going to pass health-care legislation if they are successful in getting rid of Obamacare?

I don’t think so.

Wayne Bickley

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