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Don’t Let Common Ground Die 

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The first of the four Common Ground Initiative bills, Wrongful Death was shot down during the first week of the legislative session. Gayle Ruzicka, LaVar Christensen and the Sutherland Institute made sure that the bill died … in order to “protect marriage.”

The next bill to be heard will be the Fair Workplace and Housing bill, which would make it illegal to fire someone or evict a person for being gay or transgender. And, no, it’s not already illegal to do that. Ruzicka is going to do her best to make sure that this bill dies, too. The reason? Again, to “protect marriage.” Ruzicka believes that recognizing sexual orientations as protected classes would lead to a court battle to legalize gay marriage.

How does a law preventing an employer from firing a homo destroy the family? How does that law ruin a marriage? How can this reasoning be anything more than the blatant justification for the discrimination of a minority? In this poor economic climate, why not protect those who have a job instead of sanctioning hate? Yes, it’s a special request for the LGBT community, but when was the last time you were fired or evicted for being straight? That’s what I thought. The Department of Labor confirms that we’re being fired three to five times a month just for being gay or transgender. And those are just the ones who complained.

If you think a little equality and justice is deserved, I urge you to contact your legislator today and say that Ruzicka’s voice is not your own. The majority has spoken and support this bill. It’s time our elected representatives do, too.

JACOB WhIPPlE Salt Lake Cit

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