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Don’t Fix Immigration, Stop It 

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How damned far out of touch are our politicians? “Fixing Legal Immigration” [Sept. 9, City Weekly] is about promoting legal immigration. Why? Given the high unemployment rate, why would anyone want to give jobs to illegals?

If all of the illegals were exported home, that would free up jobs needed to put America back to work. Why, oh why, can’t legislators see that? And, as for businesses hiring cheap labor, if they can’t afford or are unwilling to pay for legal help, maybe they shouldn’t be in business. It’s about social responsibility, not greed and drooling all over cheap labor.

I presume that ethics are still in fashion. Maybe legislators want to give America away, but it isn’t theirs to give. They are not listening to the public, who are struggling with a high unemployment rate, a loss of homes and starving families. It is time for a change. America belongs to the people—not the out-of-touch politicians.

Junius Robert Wilson
St. George

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