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Don’t Advertise You Carry 

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John Rasmuson’s column, “Glock Talk” [Jan. 20, City Weekly], is the best yet on carrying a concealed weapon. I am not writing to debate Reps. Jason Chaffetz or Carl Wimmer’s thoughts; however, I’d like to share mine.

If you are going to carry a concealed weapon legally, do just that: concealed; there’s no need to advertise it. It reminds me of the pranks in elementary school with the “kick me” sign secretly appearing on the back of the bullied child. How about “Gun here” with a downward arrow?

Wasn’t Chaffetz the one complaining about the TSA delays? Wait until he has to follow airline protocol to check a weapon in. Wimmer is certainly capable of carrying a firearm, and when the “stuff” hits the fan, I’d be happy to have him by my side.

With any extensive training comes a phenomenon known as “muscle memory.” In chaotic situations similar to what happened in Tucson, the memory oftentimes engages quicker than the brain can comprehend the seriousness of the incident, therefore making muscle memory an all-so-important skill to survive. How much range time (muscle memory) is required of a citizen to obtain a concealed-carry permit?

Two important things I point out when asked about carrying a concealed weapon: If you’re not willing to take another person’s life, don’t waste your time or life. Secondly, you should know where that gun is at all times. Treat is as if it were your newborn child.

I appreciate John Rasmuson’s candidness and knowledge.

Todd Rasmussen

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