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Dog Day Refreshment 

Two new offerings with big flavor and big drinkability.

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  • Mike Riedel

When the full heat of summer hits us high desert folk, we chase the beers that offer big flavor while still maintaining those hydrating elements. This week's beers cover both bases.

Kiitos Brewing Rimando Pale Ale: I can't think of any other local personality who has had two beers named after them, let alone one. But for Real Salt Lake's Nick Rimando, it's turning into a regular thing. Formerly, the MLS goalie appeared on Epic Brewing Co.'s popular Rimando's Wit; now he's teamed up with Kiitos Brewing for a special pale ale. The newest Rimando-themed brew pours a clear, medium golden-amber hue, with three fingers of aggressively foamy, puffy and somewhat rocky eggshell white head, which leaves some decent broken spider-web lace around the glass as it slowly ebbs away. It smells of biscuit, grainy pale malt, lemons, oranges and sweet grapefruit, with a slight honey sweetness. The aroma finishes with mild leafy herbs and a strong grassy hoppiness.

The taste starts bready, with an almost pastry-like maltiness. As the hops move in, you're met with orange peel, lemon and a complex grassy, herbal and leafy hop bitterness. It's a little subdued, and starts to take a backseat to the malts toward the end as the beer develops a gradual honey-like sweetness. The finish could be a little drier, which would increase its quaffability for sure.

Overall: I always try to judge a beer's drinkability by asking what situation I could see myself enjoying it in. This ale would fit well into a warm spring afternoon after working in the yard. This 5% also works well as a "sitting on your ass in the pub" beer as well.

2 Row Brewing Sour IPA: This beer pours a hazy medium copper in color, with moderate amounts of active visible carbonation rising quickly from the bottom of the glass and some moderate golden-yellow/honey-orange highlights. The beer has a three-finger tall sudsy foamy head that slowly reduces to a large patch of mottled film covering the entire surface, and a medium thick ring at the edges of the glass. There's a moderate aroma of lemon, chalk and lacto sourness in the aroma, along with herbal and grassy hops.

Up front in the taste, there's light to moderate caramel, biscuit and wheat malts that are quickly overtaken by flavors of lacto tartness and sourness along with some light flavors of chalky and earthy yeast and more lemon. There is a light to moderate dose of citrus and tangerine and herbal and grassy hops, which impart a medium amount of bitterness that doesn't linger while the tartness loiters well through the finish. It's light to medium bodied, with moderate carbonation.

Overall: This is an interesting combo of sour and bitter, with a little more lacto and yogurt presence than I was expecting, and the hop's citrus-like characters tend to get a little lost. The 5.8% alcohol helps keep the quenching quality high, so it's easy to drink and refreshing.

I've seen Rimando's Pale Ale at several pubs and bars around the Salt Lake Valley, so finding it shouldn't be a problem. Kiitos tells me that sales are brisk, and more batches are coming soon. 2 Row has had quite a few seasonal releases lately, and their special release labels can be a little confusing if you're not paying close attention while visiting your favorite watering hole. Just to be safe, hit up the brewery when seeking this one out. As always, cheers!

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