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Doesn’t See the Bias 

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Regarding B. Lamont Dorrity’s letter “The Mighty and Wrong” [Dec. 30, City Weekly]: I just finished reading Scott Carrier’s article “The One Mighty and Strong” [Dec. 2, City Weekly] and don’t see religious hate or intolerance, or any bias on Carrier’s part.

Dorrity’s argument has proven exactly what he was trying to disprove, that the mind of the religious is skewed. Joseph Smith said that God told him that all the other religions were false and that he was here to restore the truth. Those very words make Mormons the intolerant ones. Only they are right, and everyone else is wrong.

All Dorrity has done is attack Scott Carrier for telling the story without any backup on his part. What exactly was not factual in the article? Is it the part about Elizabeth Smart and her ordeal? Or is it the part about the history of Mormonism?

I have studied the history of Mormonism extensively and from other points of view. Carrier appears to have the same. He is quite accurate in his article.

Maybe you are aware of a recent study saying that atheists know more about religion than people of religion. This may be why they are atheists. Just sayin’.

Allen Schrenk
Salt Lake City

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