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Does God Have Bedroom Eyes? 

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Most of the religions based mainly on the Old Testament—including Judaism, Christianity and Islam—have taboos regarding sex. These religions were founded by men, and since the deity of all these religions was also male, the bulk of the regulations, rules and shame were heaped upon women.

Since voyeurism is generally frowned upon by society, imams, priests, rabbis and bishops have had to depend upon their deities to spy upon followers of faith. It is astonishing, the number of religious people who believe that God knows not only about people’s sexual activities, but about any sexual thoughts one might have.

People—many of whom are rather bright and often well-educated—usually figure out by third grade that Santa doesn’t know who’s naughty or nice, let alone who’s sleeping and who’s awake. Yet many of these same people believe God keeps such a list, particularly as it has to do with sex.

Somehow, this God can peek through keyholes, under bed clothing and even into the back seats of automobiles.

If there were a God, I would think that she or he would have his/her hands full, what with war, famine and floods. I just can’t see a deity really having time or interest in a teenager masturbating. Likewise, I can’t imagine God having these thoughts:

“I can’t really concentrate on the war in Syria today because somewhere some same-sex couples may be giving each other sexual pleasure. And I sure can’t bother myself with Hurricane Sandy because I must keep a watchful eye on all those young couples who may want to experience each other’s bodies before I’ve blessed their union.”


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