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Do You Know Your History? 

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Do You Know Your History?
Mr. Rasmuson, I enjoyed your column "Walk the Walk" [Dec. 18, City Weekly]. I found it very interesting.

I noticed you mentioned you have pioneer ancestors.Have you read their stories? I am a volunteer at the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum, west of the State Capitol. We have over 46,000 pioneer histories available for people to read. Have you seen yours?

The collection is a national treasure and not many people know the histories exist. I see handwritten letters 150 years old! There are artifacts older than that!

I invite you to see them. We are nearly all volunteers at the museum.

The museum is now closed until Jan. 5, but please come sometime.

Please continue your craft of writing because I enjoy reading your articles.
Pam Carson
Salt Lake City

Dangerous Alliance
Relatively minor mob boss Tommy Monson of the filthy-rich, Nazi, pseudo-Christian, organized-criminal syndicate Mormon church just sent an envoy to Godfather Francis, of the biggest, oldest, and original—yet competing—filthy-rich, Nazi, pseudo-Christian, organized-criminal syndicate Catholic Church.

That envoy publicly advocated for an alliance with the Catholic Church for a massive jointventure to rub out all those who oppose their shared goal of total control over individuals through total control of their biological families—on behalf of the ever-greedier thieving, amoral, filthy-rich, of course.

In short, the Mormon church's top controlling leaders want the Catholic Church's top controlling leaders to join with them and others in stopping and destroying everyone who advocates for the fundamental and equal rights of non-whites, women and LGBTs.
Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

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