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Do We Get a State Drug, Too? 

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Finally, a gun Utah can call its own. The Browning Model M1911 automatic pistol will be placed along with the honeybee and the cutthroat trout as part of our state symbols. Because John M. Browning, who founded the company that makes the M1911, was born in Ogden, our elected officials felt that this honor was well-deserved.

Naming a state gun is no better an image for Utah than the fact we are the online porn capital of the United States.

To add to our fantastic image, Utah is the antidepressant capital of the United States. We have the largest population of children under the age of 18—one-third of our population. We also rate high in obesity.
If we have to take the good with the bad, then we need to add a few more state symbols: I vote we need a state magazine to represent our contribution to the porn industry—maybe Hustler. We need a state drug—maybe Prozac.

But the No. 1 state symbol we need is a sheep in wolf’s clothing—to represent our state hypocrites.

Chris Coy

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