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Do Right by the People 

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I never got involved in politics before. I just trusted that our elected officials would do right by the people. But the last eight years have been nothing short of a tragedy of errors billed to the American people.

The inaccurate and inappropriate comments about our president and health-care reform—in advertising and some media that tend to favor the Republican Party—are tearing our country apart. We should never take this divisive action lightly. It serves no one. It makes Republicans look dishonest and uncaring of the consequences that Americans face every day.

My hope is that our representatives will redeem their party by being honest with their constituents and by holding media and advertisers accountable for the inexcusable lies they spread to scare us away from health-care reform. I am hopeful that the Utah politicians will lead by example and make a true effort to work with our president and in the interest of our people, not lobbyists or corporations.

The American people did not vote another Republican president in office for a simple reason—we are tired of the way our previous president handled our interests: war, huge deficits, lost jobs, housing crisis, bankruptcies at an all-time high, etc. Bush’s actions put us in this awful mess with his party voting in favor of anything he wished, at the people’s expense.

It doesn’t go unnoticed that the same politicians who had no problem voting in favor of spending trillions on a war based on false allegations of weapons of mass destruction are unwilling to work with the president towards making affordable health care a priority for all Americans. It’s too expensive? Who do they work for … the people or insurance lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies?

It is unacceptable that the insurance companies are so powerful and have a monopoly over our lives. It is unacceptable that it has taken so long to address this issue and that American citizens are stuck with this horrible situation until parties get it together and work for the United States of America.

Terry Mitchell
Salt Lake City

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