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DJ Profile: Chaseone2, So Long Green Street, 3rd Annual Beat Society: Elevate Bumps Beats 

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DJ Profile: Chaseone2
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Inaugural CWMA DJ Spinoff winner Chaseone2 has been spinning since ’98, and all his experience comes to bear in his weekly sets at The Garage (1199 N. Beck Street) on Wednesdays and Kristauf’s (16 W. Market Street) on Thursdays.
CW: Where are you originally from and how long have you been in Salt Lake City?
One2: Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been in Salt Lake since 2000.
CW: What made you want to get into the DJ business?
One2: I’ve always loved hip-hop music but was more fascinated with what was going on behind the scenes: the producer and the DJ.
CW: What types of music do you like to spin?
One2: Funk, soul, jazz, rock, electro—but all with a hip-hop style.
CW: Your plans for the future?
One2: I’m getting back into producing again and working on a rare groove compilation, all being compiled by myself. And, of course, a lot more DJing. (

So Long Green Street
Green Street seems like a Salt Lake City institution because it was—32 long years at Trolley Square don’t go unnoticed. It seemed to be packed almost any time you went in. Unfortunately, construction and two shootings led to a decrease in business—at least that’s what some are saying. Goodbye, Green Street. We hope another awesome venue opens in the old location as soon as possible.

3rd Annual Beat Society: Elevate Bumps Beats
The Beat Society is a collective of beat makers who get together annually and show off their raw rhythms. Locals like Linus Stubbs, Chu On Wax from the Crate Dwellers, DJ Sayo, and Fisch with Chaseone2 all made some heavy hip-hoppers knock their heads at Elevate (149 W. 200 South). Next year is going to be fully amped—don’t miss it.



Hot Pics from Elevate
1. Street Jesus, Linus Stubbs, MC Pig Pen
2. DJ Chaseone2
3. Evangaline Amadu, Sara Rigby

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