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Dirt, Leap Year, Nine, Space Girls in Beverly Hills, Tooth Fairy 

New DVD releases Tuesday, May 4

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  • Dirt

Dirt: Season 2
It was canceled two years ago, but here’s the second and final season of Courteney Cox’s FX series DirtCougar Town’s a hit, so why not? Dirt, the “dark” story of tabloid newspaper editor (Cox) fell apart in S2, but the box looks nice. (Lionsgate)


Leap Year
A wacky redhead (wacky redhead Amy Adams) travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day, only to wind up on a wacky road trip with a handsome stranger (Matthew Goode). Do wackiness and love ensue? Well … (Universal)


A middle-aged film director (Daniel Day-Lewis) pursues relationships with several different women and wonders why he can’t get anything done. Any resemblance to a certain pro golfer’s life is purely ridiculous—he could multitask. (The Weinstein Co.)


Space Girls in Beverly Hills
Three alien women crash-land their spaceship in the backyard of a wealthy Beverly Hills playboy, and everybody learns valuable lessons in respect, love and skintight vinyl spacesuits. Not a porno movie, just plotted like one. (SpaceGirlsMovie.com)


Tooth Fairy
Dwayne “Not The Rock” Johnson stars as a bad-ass hockey player who’s cursed to spend a week working as a Tooth Fairy. See, it’s funny because Johnson is a tough guy who could never be a Tooth Fairy; valuable lessons, etc. (Fox)

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Bill Frost:

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