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Come All Ye Sinners

A trip to Purgatory is devilishly delicious.

The Joy of Soy

We lost Rice Basil, but gained another great sushi restaurant.

Cantina Cuisine

Alamexo 2.0 dishes up quality flavors in a fun, casual setting.

Provo Persian

Find killer kebabs in Utah County at Café on Fire.
Somewhat indicative of its demographics, Utah County; Provo and Orem in particular; doesn't offer the most diverse array of dining options.

Order in the Court

Find dining diversity at City Creek Center.
Chock full of posh shops, City Creek Center isn't a place I tend to associate with diversity.

Culinary Karma

To Hell's Backbone Grill and back.
"Dining in restaurants, like literature, is a crapshoot."

Molcajete Magic

Authentic Mexican fare at Nuestra Cocina.
During my undergraduate college days in Colorado, a buddy Jamie introduced me to Mexican food.

One in the Hand

Celebrating the joys of utensil-free dining.
There is a fair amount I don't know about dining etiquette.

The Power of We

We Olive & Wine Bar opens in Trolley Square.
Salt Lake City's iconic Trolley Square has had its ups and downs.

Eklektik Avenue

Pull up a chair (and buy it!) at funky new eatery.
The Eklektik, that's just a few months old, might be the most appropriately named business in town.

Brewpub Grub

Highlighting some of my favorite local food-and-beer pairings.
In ever-increasing numbers, craft beer aficionados are following a trail initially broken by their wine-loving brethren.

Échate un Taco

Munching on tacos and more at Taquería Mi Caramelo.
I remember my first taco.

Midday Munchies

HSL opens for lunch and brunch.
Considering the fact that I make a living dining and writing about food and restaurants, eating out for lunch (fast food doesn't count) is, for me, a surprisingly rare treat.

You Don't Know Jack's

There's a new go-to for brews and burgers in downtown Salt Lake City.
It doesn't take much to convince me to try out a new burger joint—if you build it, I will come.

The Bold and the Bountiful

Royal India dishes up unflinching Indian fare.
When thinking of destination dining, Bountiful might not come most immediately to mind.

Battle of the Garlic Burgers

There's a reason Utah is home to zero vampires.
Google hard enough, and you'll come to the conclusion that garlic burgers made their pungent splash onto Utah's culinary scene in the 1970s.

'Cue for You

Try these bodacious barbecue hubs for Independence Day.
Independence Day in America is synonymous with fireworks and barbecue.

Nono: Yes, Yes!

Find Neapolitan pizza perfection at 9th & 9th.
And on the best day, God created pizza.



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    • Oh wow I love the name XD so genius! It sounds like a fantastic place…

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    • great description of Alamexo, definitely want to try.

    • on October 9, 2017
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