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DIY Delicious

SoSL's Ejo Korean BBQ is hands-on yum.

Getting the Finger

Murray's Mr. Charlie's Chicken Fingers is kid-tested, Post Malone-approved.

DIY Delicious

SoSL's Ejo Korean BBQ is hands-on yum.
Knowing that, make sure you hit up Ejo with a group of people who are interested in having a good time with their meal—things could go south very quickly with people who regularly imbibe at the font of hater-ade.

Upper Crust

Beaumont Bakery & Café is a love letter to butter and sugar.
No matter how far the trip, we're quick to shrug off the grocery shopping, car maintenance and other trappings of adulthood in favor of chancing upon our next favorite bake shop—we have priorities, after all.

Thai Fusion Typhoon

Worlds collide in all the right ways at Murray's Fav Bistro.
Their fusion-centric lunch and dinner menus offer a plethora of great flavors to be explored.


This year, my valentine is chocolate.
Here's a list of some of Salt Lake's finest chocolate delicacies.

Mojarra Madness

Julia's Mexican Food is a Rose Park gem.
It's amazing how many of these fascinating dishes get eclipsed by tacos and burritos.

Food Year Resolutions

A few ideas for people who want to live deliciously in 2019.
I'm not trying to undermine the goals that you're setting for the new year, but I do have some ideas for incorporating food into some kick-ass resolutions that will make you feel better about yourself and the food you end up eating in 2019.

Naan of the House

Sandy's Bhutan House invites diners to explore Southern Asia.
Serves all the expected Indian staples, but the menu also includes cuisine from Nepal and Bhutan, supplying a lot more to explore at this Sandy restaurant.

Eat, Geek and be Merry

Three nerd-friendly locations for your dining (and drinking) needs.
Here are three geek-approved destinations that should definitely be on your list to stay fed


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