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Deifying the Dollar 

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When I see the children who I teach, I note the glint in their eyes and the possibilities of their futures. It makes me hopeful to see them in their psychosis of curiosity. It reminds me of how I used to be as a child, as well.

Then, a pain resembling the tingle after you realize your legs have fallen asleep sets in: I’m not there to teach them how to be people or to help them realize their dreams. I’m there to teach them how to count so they can buy and sell, how to read so they can sign contracts and how to write so they can “communicate effectively” with their future associates. I have no answers for them when they ask why they’re learning these things except to give them a shot of the truth with a “maybe” chaser.

I know I’m only a serf among others outside of the corporate and financial elite, but I will still state that there are things much greater than the almighty dollar, even in the most desperate impoverishment. Love, charity and wonder will always transcend the logic of monetary survival.

Kent Redford

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