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Decker's One of a Kind 

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Decker's One of a Kind
Colby Frazier's extremely well-written, engaging piece on Rod Decker was a treat for the mind ["In Rod We Trust," Oct. 8, City Weekly].

But, hey, the topic was an easy mark: a unique individual who has ignored the trendy mores of television journalism and excelled through his unique, brusque and entertaining style. Salt Lake City has been the beneficiary of Rod's many years of defying-the-mold and focusing on information—sans the fluff.
Lynn Lehmann
Salt Lake City

Emigration Canyon Needs New Trustees
The residents of Emigration Canyon have an important choice this election and must select two new trustees for the Emigration Improvement District (EID).

For many years, the current EID board has levied the highest taxes allowed by law on those of us who live in the canyon. Unfortunately, EID spends little revenue on services canyon residents need or request. As a resident of the lower canyon, I see very little return for my taxes.

Much of our money has been spent, against our will, on construction of wells and water infrastructure that mostly will benefit future development. Unsurprisingly, certain land developers will profit handsomely if previously unsellable lots gain access to water and can be sold.

Water improvements are normally funded by commercial developers the land. But EID spends our money on this infrastructure, and the private developers will reap all the profits.

Frustratingly, these new wells so are large, they risk drying out the smaller wells that the canyon's current residents rely on—possibly leaving some of us without potable water. Residents who raise these issues in public EID meetings are condescendingly dismissed and bullied into submission.

During the current elections, we must ask ourselves who has our best interests in mind. It is abundantly clear to me that the two EID trustees up for re-election, Michael Hughes and David Bradford, do not fairly represent our interests.
Bryan Warf
Salt Lake City

Replace Legislators Responsible for Prison Fiasco
I am an old man, and I have never written to a newspaper before, so here goes.

Who in hell said it is cheaper to sell good bottomland with buildings on it than starting over with mass tailings on swampy ground. And then building a new prison there instead of fixing up the old one and adding to it?

Swapping super-good bottomland for swampland shows who stands to make the buck out of this fiasco! If any of your representatives in the Legislature voted for this move, they have sure as hell been in office too damned long and need to be replaced.

Maybe it is time to really listen to the words coming from the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every election time, Mormon leadership tells church members words to the effect: "Know the issues and know the candidates. Then pick the one who has your same thoughts in mind."

Never vote a straight ticket and never pick a candidate who is already employed by the party in power. And remember, if he is a church leader who says, "I don't know how anyone can be anything but a Republican," he is either prejudiced or stupid.

Isn't it time we took care of someone besides politicians?
Derrell Esplin
West Jordan

Correction: Traces Organic Garden is located at 1432 S. 1100 East. City Weekly's Oct. 1 Shop Girl column, "Fall Into Autumn," listed an incorrect address.

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