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Re: “The (Mormon) Sex Girls Explain It All

My story, might seem long, but I am sometimes left with a blank thought, I have been married twice, my first wife, marriage lasted 16 years, I had 3 girls and a boy. I was born in the LDS church, as was My Parents and grand Parents, I divorced my 1st wife, on or about August of 2005, At the time I was employed as a Deputy Constable, and working a night shift, I decided to run home to use the bathroom, As I entered my home, I discovered my wife having sex with my Best friend, I walked away, and about less than a year later (2005) we were divorced.(my wife and I are both Hispanics.

On or about November 2006, I registered to an LDS dating website, and met a young LDS lady, she is from the Philippines, we chatted as most we could, since at times it was hard becuase I live in Central time, and she lived half way around the world, (My Night time is her daytime). we continued chatting well over a year or so I think, she had invited me to visit her in her Country. I had never traveled outside the USA, so I figured ,it would be a nice change of atmosphere, even thou we had never met in person, I had fallen in love with her, and told her ,that when I went to visit, that we plan our marriage in her country., I saved enough money to make a mediam size wedding, with all its decorations. I was excited to see her, even thou it took a good 26 hour flight, another 24hr Ferry Ship sail to cross the Philippine ocean to her home town in the Province of Southern Leyte . When I finally met her waiting for me at the port, I was greeted by dozens of family members ranging from sisters, cousins, and her mom. I managed to get into a local Hotel, and sleep since JetLAg was taking a toll on me. the next day, she came by and greeted me from from that point on, we travelled to areas in the Philippines, that was mostly tourist resorts, until it came the day of our marriage Nov, 16th 2007, one thing struck me kind of odd, was her close friends all looked like lesbiens, she told me that she never hung around guys, unless they were Gay, I figured it must be normal here, when we got married, we left to our honeymoon and my stay in the Philippines lasted well over 40 days. Before I returned to the USA, I told her to try to stay home more often, as I had later learned that she liked partying alot with her friends. As a married responsible husband, I would continue to provide her financial support, while at the same time, pay an attorney to start her visa process to bring her to live with me in the USA, during that time FACEBOOK wasnt actually born yet, but I used a social media called FRIENDSTER, and weeks after returning, from the Philippines, I happen to be browsing her membership name and looking at all her friends profiles, one, particular picture threw me off guard, and was posted just days ago, it was a picture of my wife, french kissing another woman, I felt betrayed, and outraged, I copied the pictures, that same day, and called her, that same night. I was pretty much so upset, that I threaten to anull our marriage, I ask her why was a picture of her kissing another girl. her responce was that it was a dare, and she had lost. I ordered her to stop going out with those so-called friends of hers, and stay at her mothers house until the visa is ready. she said she would, but didnt honor my request, since later in the months ,I kept seeing her at parties, and with those same friends. I was starting to suspect that she liked women, that she was actually a lesbien , since she loved hanging with her friends. I still forgave her, since I figured, she would change as soon as she comes live with me here in the USA. 1 year later I got my appointment in Manila, Ph, for our interview with the US Embassy, She was given her Visa, and 15 days later she stepped into US soil as my wife to live with me. as the month pass, I was pretty much in my real honeymoon, I got her a job at a hospital, where she made friends very quickly, and pretty much forgot about her past friends from the Philippines. I saw life was getting better now, I got her an Iphone, and decided to add her Phone to my Icloud account. I started working Night shift, and would occasionally look into the (FIND MY IPHONE) app that would tell me where my wife was , it started nice, since she was at home, or her iphone was. My night shift continued over a few months, but I started to notice that her Iphone was now 3 cities away from home at late hours of the night. then again I would check it and it was now, at a resort town called South Padre Island, this was starting to worry me, and I had never approached her about this late drives she was having. 1 particular day we both went to Goldgym (Excersice Club), she got off the car, and while I was getting off, she forgot her phone, so I happen to look at her Imessages, 1 certain message caught my eye, she and another girl person wrote expletive sexual phrases, that signified, that she and her friend were having a oral sex together, and how much she enjoyed it. at that moment my wife ran back to the car to get her phone, when she realised I was reading her messages. Again, I felt betrayed, I became very upset, her excuse was that ,thats how she talks to her friends, and no sex occurred. I told her to get back into the car, for we were leaving, back home, I totally ignored her as I travel back home. leter that night she came into the bedrrom crying , asking me to forgive her. I told her I would not forgive her, you did it to me after we married, and now your doing it again, after I brought you to a better life, here in the USA, My feelings towards her changed, I still loved her, but it wasnt the same anymore, I figure I was too old to re-marry, I didnt want to be alone, I tried to love her, I tried get her pregnant, some how, she never got pregnant, I forbade her from having any friends outside the church. She knew she was losing me slowly, On June of 2012, I figured she needed to see her mother after being in the USA for awhile, so I saved my money and bought 2 tickets flight to the Philippines. while inflight, she ask me something that caught me completely off guard, she told me, she knew I didnt love her too much anymore, but she was willing to make sure that our marriaged stayed together, she had previously admitted that she did like women, and was a bi-sexual, that she would never be unfaithful to me with another man. that she suggested, that when we arrive to her home town, that she would talk to her one of the most beautiful friends, she had, and would arraign a 3 some sexcapade, and that she would give me permission to make love to her friend as long as she participated in it. I told her,, I wasnt that type of husband, those thing are not approved acts of GOD, I told her I was very much ashamed of her, I couldnt beleive you would think that I would agree to something like that. (I only held on to that marriage, becuase I didnt want to be alone, I wanted companionship, a family, kids) something she never gave me, yet she was willing to have me have sex with her young 19 year old friend, to keep our marriage together. My heavenly father would never forgive me if I had done her wishes. when we arrived, to her home town, she refused to allow me to talk to her mother, I quickly left her town leaving her to her formal friends, I left to travel to Bohol, another island in the Philippine sea. I stayed, at a hotel, I swam, ate, and slept alone, for the next 21 days, I left my wife to do what she wanted, I cried, I felt so lonely, being in a place I had only visited once, but I was so stubborn in not leaving her, in divorcing her becuase if I did, I knew I would never re-marry again, I would die a lonley person, totally used, after our trip to the philippines, I later retired from my Law Enforcment Job, and took upon a job working security at night, Our love life pretty much ended, with an occasional oral sex, since I had given up the fact that she wasnt going to give me kids, I figured her Vagina, must of been so used, in her ellicit sex games, I seriously didnt think it could really be used for procreation anymore. . to others it might seem as if I was used as a bank account, and it may have been so, I invested thousands of dollars to make her a US citizen, and not counting the fact that her little sister had suddenly caught Leukemia, just 5 month after i marryed her big sister, I was the only one in the family that made $72K per year, I was obligated to pay her little sister chemo therapy, and all her mecials bills, including her College tuition, She survived her leukemia, just recently, and is now just taking bone marrow injections, every six months. On April 12th 2015, my wife ask if I would help her raise money so she could travel to her home town, and celebrate her little sisters 18th birthday, it had just occurred that my wife had just become a US citizen, so, I need to fork over extra money for an emergency US passport, sincew her flight was less than 2 week left. I told her very clearly, I want you to go attend your sisters birthday, but no sexual sexapades with anyone. she promised she would behave, and would stay at her mothers house. Her sisters birthday party would be on the 19th of April , 3 days after she left, I get an unknown text message from a girl that also lives in my wifes home town, She ask me if I was the person married to Marylou , I told her I ws the same person and I ask why are you inquiring about her, said the the following:

My name is Yneena Allure, I live in Southern Leyte, at your wife same home town, my lover is Judith Oraiz, just yesterday as I arrived home from work, I discovered your wife Marlou, and my girlfriend (LOVER) having sex in my bedroom, I knew my girlfriend was her lover, until you married her and took her away from here, I am sending you pictures I took of their love making just so your aware, that the lady you thought you married was actually a lesbian, if she hasnt told you yet.

I recieved the pictures, and my heart fell, it was indeed my wife, the one who claimed to be an LDS active member, the wife that had said she wanted to be eternally married in the temple with me. All of our love making was a lie, all the times she told me she loved me, was a total lie, I felt so used, I know I was not a perfect person, but how was I being punished, I didnt kill my first wife after I caught her having sex with my best friend, yet I was stuck with the State mandated Child support, I was forced to sign over a business to my first wife, she made every attempt to turn my kids against me. I was not a bad person, I was a good Police Officer, my fellow officers hated me becuase I gave so many breaks, becuase I felt that people needed a second chance to correct their mistakes. Along my life before I became a Cop, I was a fireman, I loved helping the community, I helped save lifes, yet my life had been used, I knew I had to make a big decision, the consequenses would be very bad on my part. On the day of her party, I sne tthose sex pictures to her little sister, so she can have her mother look at them. I called Marylou, to tell her that I already knew what she did 1 day before her sisters birthday, that I had copies of her and her lover having sex, and reminded her that she is now free to have all the sex you want, for when you return, you would no longer be in my home, I put all her things in storage, She was wordless, and couldnt give an excuse, She was caught, and I had hoped, that her little sister di show them pictures to her mother. She has since returned from her trip and is probably living with her lover. I slowly lose appitite and hopefully, I can die in my sleep, someday, I will not re-marry for I no longer trust any woman.

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Posted by David A Duran on 08/17/2015 at 4:06 PM

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