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Daryn Tufts, Writer/Director of My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend 

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Daryn Tufts
  • Daryn Tufts
Daryn Tufts is the writer and director of the upcoming film, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. The flick is a traditional love story, with a twist: What happens when a girl meets Mr. Right, after already meeting the right guy? The movie stars Alyssa Milano, Chris Gorham, as well as veterans Beau Bridges and Carol Kane. It was shot entirely in Salt Lake and opens at the Jordan Commons Megaplex Theaters on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Where did the idea/inspiration come from for the film?
I’ve always admired films that can surprise me and take me in a direction I wasn’t expecting. Most romantic comedies are very conventional. I thought it would be interesting to begin what is a seemingly traditional romantic comedy, and then take it in a different direction. I wanted to try to surprise the audience with something more, a twist they weren’t expecting. The idea was to create a conventional love story that ultimately defies that convention.

Why film the movie in Salt Lake City?
We live and work in Salt Lake City, and it was because of this that the movie was shot entirely here, [mostly downtown]. We used an almost entirely local crew, and many local actors. What better place to film and then to show it than here, at the place and with the people who helped bring it to life. We didn’t want it to look like L.A. or New York or every other city you see in this type of movie. We wanted the city to feel fresh and unique, and Salt Lake has a ton to offer. We believed we could bring out the beauty of the city in this movie in a very cool way.

What is this film about?
Well, the film has some twists that I don’t want to give away. It starts simple. Girl meets boy. And then she meets another boy. I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if, the moment after meeting such a guy, the girl meets another guy who is exactly like him, only better in every single way? I thought it would be fun to explore the question: what happens when a girl meets Mr. Right, after already meeting the right guy?

How was the cast selected?
Alyssa [Milano]
was approached first. It was really easy for me to imagine her as the lead. She’s iconic, and has a quality that makes it impossible not to fall in love with her. We sent her the script and offered her the part. After meeting her, she expressed an interest in helping produce the movie and we were up and running. And then we just kept building from there.

Are there any other projects you have planned in the future?
Yes. I’ve written a couple of screenplays, one of which I plan to direct within the year. It’s very different from My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. This one is a horror movie—a low budget, intense thriller. I plan on shooting it in Utah as well. Alyssa has become a good friend through this entire process, and I’d love to work with her again, but who knows? Nothing is set at the moment. Time will tell, I guess.

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