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Dangerous West Side Improvements 

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Is the city or the Utah Transit Authority aware of the challenges they’ve created for the residents of the North Temple neighborhood during the airport TRAX construction?

Almost every day when school was in session, the students from West High had to wait up to 45 minutes for a Union Pacific train on 300 North that had their only path home blocked, or they could chance climbing over it. When U.P. offered to split the bill with the city to build an overhead walkway, our city couldn’t afford it. Countless times, on my way to get to TRAX, or downtown to work, I’ve been late. Although I consider my self too clumsy to attempt it, I’ve seen many adults climbing over trains on 600 West. 600 West is the only way in and out of our neighborhood to get to public transportation, to get to our jobs. There aren’t even any sidewalks for a block in this urban neighborhood.

Although it is probably too late to change any of this, with the North Temple viaduct planned to reopen in September, more consideration should be given to the residents, before and during, the “improvement” of neighborhoods. Our children’s lives, our safety and our jobs are all a vital part of this new, improved neighborhood.

It amazes me that a city can spend over $8 million remodeling the Gallivan Center for the third time in less than 20 years. There is a $15 million bond pending on a planned soccer complex on the north side. Does anyone know the total cost of the Parley’s Trail renovation?

I realize recreation is important, but we need to prioritize.

Barbara Miller
Salt Lake City

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