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Cycle Fest 

Aug. 30–Sept. 6

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Motorcycle enthusiasts are interesting folk. They can range from the 20-year-old vegan hipster on the Vespa, wearing flip flops and gawdawful plastic sunglasses, to the 50-yearold grizzled Hell’s Angel on his Harley. There’s one thing they all have in common, though—and no, it’s not their obvious disregard for their own personal safety. It’s their love of anything on two wheels, and their respect for the vintage models that the love of the open road was built upon.

For them, the Fourth Annual Cycle Fest at Miller Motorsports Park this weekend aims to please, with racing that’s open to any who owns or appreciates vintage motorcycles.

Cycle Fest @ Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele and Bonneville Salt Flats, Aug. 30–Sept. 6.

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